Sunday, 29 August 2010

First Post and a Rant

I started this blog, so when I have something to rant about, I can write it down here and get it off my chest.
Starting with the shit things.

1. Fuck you Google AdSense. Your sign up sheet is broke. Like... SERIOUSLY broke. I originally made the blog to use AdSense, and have a huge following of people clicking my links and vice versa, to make some cash. You know, since I spend half my time online anyway...
But it seems either it's a US-Only thing (it wouldn't accept the UK post codes) or the whole page is broke (it DOES look like a 5 year old made it). I even tried creating an account via the "Monetise" button on Blogger, but even that leads to a dead page. FUCKKKKKKING FIX YOUR SHIT.

2. This section was going to be "girls", but I'm changing it to PEOPLE.
("You were gonna hate girls, you're homo!!!11" - You)
Seriously, there's some levels of fucktard that I can't stand lately. I won't name names, but I have decided that rather than be all caring and considerate towards people, I'm just going to set them straight. I'm sick of having to read or listen to incessant whinging about how bad people's lives are over the most menial things. Yeah sure, I occasionally feel shit, but I don't feel the need to force it onto everyone else around me. Oh, and when I said "the most menial things", I mean MENIAL.
One of these days, BAM. Right to the fucking moon.

3. - Removed for privacy's sake -

I'll move on to the good things lately.

1. I'm finally a working man. I got a job at the local veterinary clinic as a member of the Kennel Staff. Basically, I take out the dogs/cats, put them in a specific area, clean up the kennels they were in, refill their food/water bowls etc, move them back, do all the dishes, give them clean bedding, wash out the place with bleach, walk the dogs, brush up the yard etc. It's a mix between Animal Carer and Cleaner to be quite honest. But I'm happy. I did 3 hours on Saturday and another 3 on Sunday. So that's £28.80 I've made, all before lunch time. Looks like all those arse-lick emails I sent to employers finally paid off.

2. Girls. I can hear you now. "BUT YOU SAID YOU COULDN'T STAND THEM A MINUTE AGO!" Yeah, well stop paying so much attention.
Alongside the bitches and drama queens about lately, there are a few girls who have come onto my radar, and it pleases me greatly. It's been... what... 7 months or something since I last had a girlfriend? Okay, I've been pulling girls during those 7 months, but that doesn't count. A relationship would be nice. ("Hey, you're being all sensitive, homo!" - You)

3. College course interviews. Yeah, I know, college is boring as sin and once I spend more than a week in the place, I lose interest. But I really want to try this year. So I have two interviews this week, one on Tuesday afternoon and one on Wednesday. The courses are Travel & Tourism and I-Media. Remember those two subjects. If you ever read this shit, you'll hear me complain about them in the future I'm sure. And you can be all "Hey, you said they were a good thing! You lied to us!".


So that's it I think... I'm going to try and fix up the layout of this blog a bit more, so I can navigate stuff easier. And maybe AdSense will work sometime. Motherfucker...
I'll try and update this thing regularly, unlike my old LiveJournal (haaaa, only emo kids use LJ, I know).

ps. Check out this video of a sleepwalking dog. It's old, but it's fantastic:

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