Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Judgement day.

Well, today is the day I start killing off people from my MSN.
EDIT: 37 people have been purged. More may follow.

On a more annoying note, I went in for my tech interview today for Travel & Tourism and all went well.
BUT. I now have to go to a I-Media info session tomorrow and then make a decision by that very afternoon on which course I will join.
Honestly, right now I am more for doing the I-Media course, though to do so, I'll have to buckle down.
The annoying part:
For the I-Media course, I have got a letter about the info session, but other than that, no proper interview or enrollment has been mentioned, whereas there was a huge enrolment day last week it seems.
Now I don't know whether that enrolment day was on I should have been at to join a the course, or whether the fact that my applications have been processed (via internet) is enough.
When it comes to education in college, you'd think that they would make things alot clearer than "YEAH WE'LL GET BACK TO YOU SHORTLY". And when they do get back to you? It's just as fucking vague.
Oh well. Maybe some more light will be shed on the subject tomorrow.

Ps. Check out the daily gibberish section. It's just a post where I'll be putting all my gibberish.

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