Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The past catches up.

You know what, it's purging time.
Me and a good friend (Nicholas J. Van Kroonenburg) were discussing us purging our MSN lists of people we don't talk to, have grown to dislike etc.
And I think it's time to do so again. Because lately, there has been ALOT of people who have ended up in my bad books. Alongside alot of people who I just don't talk to anymore, and vice versa.
So started tomorrow morning (or evening, depending when I wake up and how much time I have before going out), I shall be removing shitloads of scum from my lists. This also includes Facebook.
More below! Click the link! Do it!

Alongside MSN, I think there is room for purging in my life. Unfortunately, it's alot harder to remove people from there than it is online. But there are a good few people who have caused ALOT of things that have left me feeling like shit. And not only that, but they expect me just to sit around and treat THEM well.
I give up. You'll all know when I've disappeared off your radars. ("Hey, stop talking about radars. What are you, a sonar faggot?" - You)

Unfortunately, I've done these purges before. And removing ONE person leads to shit with MULTIPLE others. It's a chain fucking reaction. "WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN TO X, THEY DON'T DESERVE YOUR SHIT." Bam. One removal becomes two removals. Two removals becomes four removals. Next thing you know, you're living alone with your cats. The cats will always be true to me.

Finally, although I originally intended these blogs to be private and for my own viewing, I have links to it posted about on my facebook and my MSN etc. I know for a fact that a few people on there have been reading, so I'll say this now. Don't bother judging my nastiness. I know I'm a prick and don't deserve the people around me. But that's life. I also don't deserve STDs, and don't plan on keeping them around if they come! So yeah!


  1. Okay, name has been changed. Now it doesn't look like you're posting on your own blog :L

    P.S. It's your favourite :L