Thursday, 30 September 2010

Tattoo ideas.

I have two ideas for tattoos.
Well, three.
Two are quotes, one is a Japanese kanji symbol which I have used online for quite some time.

A) "Where is my mind", after the song by (The) Pixies.
B) "Self destruction is the answer", after the Fight Club quote. I really like it, even if it is cheesy to get.
C) The Japanese kanji for "Malice". It's something I still hold close to me.

I'm not sure where I'd get these on my body, but I need one of them! Any ideas?
I'll post again later. Adios.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Blast from ze past!

Alternative post title: 666; Devil's Symphonia ~A Child's Tale~

I kid.
Alot of you guys who don't know me outside computer world don't realise I used to be a... sort of goth kid when I was younger. Sort of meaning "tryhard". Looking back, it makes me laugh. Alot. And regret. ALOT.
But when looking through a cupboard, I found my old trenchcoat and... I just had to make a 2010 Remake picture.
So... here. 6 images of what Saint Fox would look like goth (or whatever), in 2010.

ALOT of people are going to find this amusing. Alot of people are going to go "LOL FAG". Yeah, that's aimed at you. ("Hey! I didn't say anything yet!" - You)
This is strictly for amusement purposes. I will not roam the streets like this, EVER again. Well, maybe Halloween, but eh. Enjoy the 2010 "MikaMalice" special.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Cartoons and love for friends.

Recently, I was thinking of a topic to write about in this blog, and the only one that came to mind was this.
As of late, I've been watching old 90's cartoons and it is only now that I realise that they really weren't aimed at kids. The one in particular I am talking about is the X-Men Animated Series, which originally aired on Fox Kids. ("Fox Kids? Really? What age are you again?" - You)
Although this cartoon can be watched by those of all ages, I honestly feel that alot of the dialogue and events throughout the six series would be very confusing for a younger child.

Scott Summers (Cyclops) and my favourite character, Jean Grey (Phoenix)

Honestly, if you liked the live action X-Men movies, or the later X-Men Evolution cartoon, I advise going back and rewatching the original animated series, as it is an amazing watch. Plus some of the characters throughout it I did not remember, for example, Cyclops' father, Corsair.

Another AMAZING cartoon I used to watch on CNX that I rewatched lately is "Spawn". If you haven't heard of it, or seen it... you're in for a treat.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Hate filled words and shameless advertising.

In the words of The Rock, some people need to just "know their roles and shut their mouths."
Fucking dumbasses. If anything, I mean ANYTHING, fucks up in the next week, I'm personally making a knife vendetta. And it'll be all over your face. I swear to fuck.

Ps. To the right on my blog, there is a link to Wreckless Media Radio. It's an amazing Detroit-based talk show/podcast that airs live on Friday's, 7pm EST.
I believe that should be right. But if you can tune in, I advise it. It's dark. It's twisted. It's hysterical.
Right now, go to their podcast archive and listen to any of their previous episodes to get a taster.

What else can I plug? Oh yeah.
Add me on Facebook. I generally just post a hell load of shit, but feel free.

I have college in the morning, and I can't wait. I'm really enjoying my course (I know I'll come to regret those words when I get to the roleplay/fake scenarios where we have to record or act shit out). So... I should probably sleep. But I'll leave you with this song. Night blog.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Countryside fun!

So on my last post, I mentioned I was heading to a party being held by some girl I didn't know.
Well, me and B-Lion got to Lisburn with two other friends and met the others who were getting taxis with us.

Before I get to the party, may I just add that a certain blonde girl in our taxi kept giving the driver wrong directions. You know who you are!

Anyway, we got to the party, which turned out to be in the back-arse of no where. And hoooo-leeeee shit. The house was beautiful. I mean, I can only DREAM of living somewhere like that someday.
So we went on in, and met a large group of people in the hall and kitchen. It turns out I knew a few people who were there, which was a nice surprise. I had people to talk to while sober!

Lots of alcohol, National Kiss-A-Person Day love, more alcohol, dancing, music, in-depth conversations about having tonsils removed and more followed. I made some new friends whose company I really enjoyed. They are all super-nice and fun to be around, and not one person fucked me off. That's rare to find.

In the early hours of the morning, Mr. B. Lion disappeared with a girl, and it was left to me and Cara (the sister of the birthday girl) to go hunting for them.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Blobby Blog

So B-Lion and I are sitting in his room waiting to attend a party tonight talking about condoms. We came up with a few interesting ideas, including the "Mr. Blobby" condom a.k.a. "The Blobdom". This also ties in to the sexual act "The Blobber", in which you slap your partner across the cheek with your penis wrapped in "The Blobdom" and exclaim, "BLOBBY BLOBBY BLOBBY!"

We plan to create a comedy condom company named Comedoms. We will create many different novelty cock socks for your sexual amusement. ("You guys... seriously... so gay..." - You)

For those who do not know who Mr. Blobby is....

In other news, tonight we shall be attending a party with Duckiemeaw, in her home town of Lisburn. All I know is the girls name who owns the house, as for who will be there is a complete mystery.
But it's an opportunity to drink! And that's what we Irishmen do best! We'll try and get some pictures for your amusement. We'll be bringing a 13/14 year old girl we have dubbed "Little One", so it should be amusing.
Alright, so until a hopefully hangover-less tomorrow, sayonara blog!

Fucking skank whore.

I may have said that my next blog wouldn't be til Sunday. But this is just a little reminder for myself.
Fucking skank whore motherfucking shitbitch fuck.

Yeah, I'm done. See you on Sunday folks! <3

Upgrading & Partying

As you know, I'm just back to college, and my timetables are so good that I get Fridays off.
Score! Long weekend! This means I can drink on Thursdays/Fridays, recover Saturdays and work Sundays.
The perfect schedule!
So I have a party in Lisburn (another city in Northern Ireland) to go to with B-Lion and a few others. I expect to be drinking extremely heavily, to the point of no return. And that is going to be rough, considering I have stuff to be doing on Saturday.
I'll try and get a camera on the scene, and bring you a few pictures back. I doubt I can top the picture of the guy we tied up and covered in drawings etc., but I'll try!

In other news, I'm going to revamp my layout soon. I went on my blog on B-Lion's laptop and realized that the background didn't fit properly (it has two borders on wider screens, whereas on his, they were behind the page content), so I will be changing to a tiled background of sorts. Maybe just a plain dark colour to keep stuff simple. I'm pretty happy with the other gadgets and stuff on the page for now, so I think I'll leave all that.
I'll even create a small page about myself, because I'm that vain. It'll just give you all an insight into who I am, where I come from and my interests. And what I look like of course...

I'm back in good spirits today. The idea of getting drunk, enjoying music etc. has cheered me up, alongside the nice words of friends. Thank you!
So until Sunday, unless I post on Saturday night, have a good weekend, blog!
--- --- ---
Ps. I don't normally advertise other peoples blogs, unless I know them, but this guy's blog really amazes me. He's writing a story about this kid called Tornado Jackson, who is totally badass and is fucked around by no one. Each post contains a small chapter, so start from the beginning. Click here to read!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Weeaboo. Otaku. Say what you want, but this week, my iPod has just been pouring out J-Pop. I can't help it, it's so energetic and fun.
With my upcoming Japan trip planned (not this Summer but the next!?), I'm getting in the mood. Yeah, maybe a little early, but when the time comes, I'll be so PSYCHED.

If you've never listened to any J-Pop or Japanese music in general, find below a list of bands and artists who I recommend:
Nami Tamaki, Ayumi Hamasaki, Aya Kamiki, Perfume, Gackt, GLAY, Rentrer en Soi, Aya Ueto, BeForU, Tackey & Tsubasa, Dir en Grey, Lin ~End of Destruction World~, Malice Mizer, Phantasmagoria, Koda Kumi, BoA, LM.C and MANY MORE.

In other news, I'm still really enjoying my college course. The tutors have given me a really good feeling about the future if I do well, because alot of them work within the Travel & Tourism industry and can actually give a really good insight into it. I don't even mind working for once, because I'm actually INTERESTED in it.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

And I'm feelin' good.

This blog post will be short, as there's not much I can currently say.
Right now, I'm really feeling good. Alot better than I have recently.
All the friends I have right now are great. I actual don't have anyone stressing me out etc.
Saturday was lovely, I got to see the people I enjoy being with and then randomly decided to drag Anya to the cinema and watch Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which was a great movie, despite previous assumptions.
Worked both shifts at work today, and although it's physically draining, it's going to be really nice to have the money. Also, the walk up and down, alongside the work itself, is great exercise which I quite frankly need.
I have college tomorrow, and whereas normally I'd be feeling overly tired or "ugh" about having to go, I really don't mind. I'm feeling super positive about alot of things, it's one of them. I'm going to try real hard.

So there we go. I realise this was quite a serious post with no jokes or humour. So to compensate:

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Oldschool gaming.

Recently, I found a pile of my old PS1 games and have been having nostalgic orgasms. ("Gaaaaay." - You)
Well one game in particular has had my attention for HOURS on end the last few days, and that would be Battle Arena Toshinden 3.
Now when I first started playing it again, the controls seemed very unresponsive, as if there was a very slight time-lag inbetween the button press and the move. After a few matches, I saw the benefits and advantages this gives. This small time lag allows you to enter in the button-combo to perform a certain attack or string of attacks (say Square, Square, Triangle, Square on the controller) and watch as it is performed, rather than having to time each button after the previous. I think it's kinda' nice for those hard-to-use, long combos.
The attack ranges are fun. Each character has an unlockable counterpart, both of which wielding the same weapon and have similar attacks. But the attacks themselves are REALLY fun.
Weapons, punches, kicks, somersaulting with chainsaws, drilling through enemies with swords, blowing opponents away with guns... it's all amazingly addictive. And the special attacks/hidden super attacks are always fun and flashy.

Although the game is relatively short, you've got that incentive to play through the arcade with each character to unlock the counterparts, and to raise the difficulty level to unlock the special bosses/hidden characters.
It kinda reminds me of Tekken Tag Tournament, another game I was highly addicted to on the PS2.
Alot of people prefer Street Fighter and games like that (MUGEN style fighters), and I can see why they're fun. The old-school, arcade controls are pretty sweet, but I have to admit, I SUCK at them. Never before have I failed so pitifully in a game, as I have in Street Fighter/Capcom Fighting Jam. Ugh!

Anyway yeah, leave a comment below and tell me...
What's your favourite PS1/N64 generation game, and why?

Ps. In my last post, I mentioned we cellotaped a drunk, passed out friend to a naked baby doll, wrote on him, put chocolate and condoms down his trousers and stuff... RESULT.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Party pics and more.

So we got some of the pictures from the party! The videos however had to be deleted, as the audio was completely broken.
So find them at the bottom of this post.
Secondly, if I'm single by Christmas, I'm murdering someone. Sick sick sick of being single ("Homo, you can't get girls." - You) and it's really making me feel shitty now!

Anyway, I've started tech, and it hasn't been bad so far... Maybe I'll actually do well!? Okay, that's pushing it.
I'll try though. A one week residential and work experience is motivation enough.

Anyway, party pictures. Only the best ones.
 ^ B-Lion, S-Fox and Duckie
S-Fox and Duckie dancin'. Sorta...
B-Lion, S-Fox and Duckie posing...
Girvin biting my head...
B-Lion, Duckie and S-Fox
^ Duckie and S-Fox, looking serious.
^ B-Lion and S-Fox - Totally homo.
Alright, catch ye later, blog.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Yesterday's party, today's hangover.

Hey blog-folk!
Incase you missed it, I was at a party yesterday with ALOT of booze and alot of good friends.
Throughout the early hours of the party, we used my webcam to make a few videos saying "Hey!" to anyone who reads this blog. Take into consideration, we were drunk, so they may not make sense.
B-Lion will upload them later. Alongside the videos, there are hundreds of pictures aswell, so the next blog may be very pic-heavy, rather than text-based.
I would post the vids/pics in this blog, but I don't currently have them. OH WELL.

So yeah, we had a few stupid voice calls on MSN, although the internet kept cutting out so we didn't get to talk much. Though apparently our drunken gibberish and Northern Irish accents made it hysterical for others.
All in all, it was a really good night. One guy threw up outside from drinking too much, so when he passed out in bed, we taped him up, drew all over him, put a condom filled with mayonnaise down his trousers etc. It was gooood! ("Tying guys up and putting condoms down their trousers? Faggot homo queer!" - You)

Now of course I am suffering from a lovely hangover, and slept for a good few hours this afternoon, but I'm feeling a bit better now!
I have work tomorrow so I couldn't do anything tonight. Then I have my first classes in college on Monday and throughout the week, so I'm going to be busy, but I'll try and blog as much as possible.
I hope one day in the future, I can look back at this blog and enjoy all the memories!
Until I get the pictures and videos of last night, I bid you adieu!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Getting drunk and getting lucky!

BAM! Hey blog, I know I haven't posted since the other day, but I got lazy.
So what's been happening lately? Let me fill you in.

So I finally got into a course in college. A two year travel and tourism course with two A Levels.
This course is literally chock-full of hot girls ("Too bad you're a homo, homo!" - You).
I was also made aware of something else. If I continue to year two of my course, there is a Work Experience part where I will get a work placement within the travel industry, which is kinda cool since it is what I'd like to do.
But now onto the big bit! Another part of that year is a one week residential. For those who don't understand what that means, it means the class all decide together, and then we go on holiday for a week. During class time.
Win? I think so, blog!

So after college, I realised I was very close to B-Lion's house, so I paid him a visit, and we have decided that later today we will be having a party. Now, I'm not a heavy drinker, but I really love to drink heavily... uh...
So I'll keep you updated on how that goes. But for now, here's a song which describes my mood.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

College is full of incompetant staff - New page on blog!?

I really don't know where to start with the college staff.
I was told to come in today to enrol for a course, which I was then told not to do by the staff because it would be a "bad move" as it wouldn't be taking me forward. So...
A) Why did they tell me to come in in the first place?
B) Why couldn't they have told me this alot earlier?
C) If they had have told me alot earlier, I wouldn't be in this current situation.
Now I know you're asking, "What current situation!?", so let me get to that.
I had a choice between I-Media and Travel & Tourism. I was told to check both.
But thanks to the I-Media staff waiting 4/5 days to tell me that the course was already full, I lost my chance at both. Which left me looking at really shit courses.

Now luckily, the staff at the other campus were nice enough to take me on, last minute, for their Travel & Tourism course. This saves me from being education-less etc. The only problem is that it means I'll need to get TWO buses every morning to get there. And two back. Sighhhhhhh. It's a good thing that I can apply for a free bus pass, which allows me to travel to and from college for free.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Very active weekend.

I realise I've called this blog "daily" yet haven't managed to keep it as so. I didn't post yesterday due to working two shifts. I was up at 6.30am and out the door at 7.40am. Once finished, I got home at 12 noon. I then watched anime and fell asleep for a bit, before having to head out at 3.40pm again and working another shift. I eventually got home at 6.20pm. By this time, I was abosolutely wrecked, so I just listened to podcasts and went to bed between 9 and 10.

But now the dream.
The dream I had last night was extremely strange. It involved a huge party in the nearby town to where I live (Holywood). It had people stealing scooters and bikes, hippys around campfires, fights going on in the streets etc. At one point, I found my dad (long story short, haven't seen him in 6 or so years) who was in a hippys house. So I left there, and ended up with girls that I know from around Belfast (capital of Northern Ireland) who I normally wouldn't hang around with.
Finally, me, B-Lion and our friend Chris got a bus. The driver of the bus wasn't a normal bus driver. It was Goldust, superstar from WWF/WWE.
We then drove around Belfast and an area near where B-Lion lives. Then I woke up.

Alot has been left out from this dream, for... personal reasons? Haaa. Anyway, that's all I have for you.
I'm gonna' go watch Gantz or play Fallout 3. Blog later!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Sitting at Brave Lion's!

I'm current situated in the gaff of B-Lion!
We started off playing FarCry which was fun. I'm a natural with a sniper.
But we decided to get retro. After tuning the TV, we got the Sega Mega Drive (Genisis for USA fella's!) installed and we played Sonic The Hedgehog 2 which we nearly completed, but failed in the end.
Now we're playing Vectorman, which I personally have never seen before but it's damn weird!

Ps. As I type, Vectorman just turned into a train. "Wut?" - You and me.)

My mum told me I'd be getting £20 tomorrow (35 dollars for USA fella's... again!), and I'm also working two shifts, and might be getting my paycheck of £28 pound, so I'll be rich! Well... not really, but close enough!
It's £75 for a passport though, which is my first target. So I'm not spending much of my money til I get that.
Then I'm trying to save up for Italy... ugh! I'm too responsible these days.
Oh! And I'm still waiting for my call about whether or not I get into my college course. Well.. I did get a phone call, but it was the wrong course, so I have to wait til Monday...
Well, I'll talk to you later, blog! Love you!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Weekend plans and more Japanese crap...

Normally I would go into Belfast (the capital city of Northern Ireland for those who don't know) on Saturdays, but it has become increasingly shitty, so I have run out of things to do. The last few weeks have just been house parties and work.
So tomorrow, I'm going to go to B-Lion's house for a while to chill-out and maybe play some 360/PS3 for a while. Chances are we'll post a post a blog each when there. Or maybe a video blog, if I bring my cam or something...
But I'm sure something fun will happen, so I'll actually be able to post about something to do with my day, rather than the future, past etc.

Staying up til 7am.

I know this blog is being posted in the middle of the afternoon, but that would be due to staying up til 7am watching Japanese movies.
B-Lion was at a party last night, which I could not attend due to lack of money (I haven't got my paycheck yet). Shame, because people I actually know where there. Oh well!

So instead of going to the party, I sat in and watched Japanese action movies. And one of them was the funniest Action/Horror movie I've ever seen. It's called Versus, and was directed by Ryuhei Kitamura.
I won't dive too deep into it, as to not spoil the ending or twists in the movie (psht, like there was a real plot to twist anyway), but here's a list of some of the things this movie includes.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Big news! (To me anyway...)

Well, my late great-grandfather (rest in peace) left me £2000 pound or so when he passed away at the age of 90-something, which I appreciate ALOT.
I was told that was money was to be kept for something important by my family, such as university or driving lessons or something.
HOWEVER, this afternoon I was talking to my mother about it, and she mentioned I could infact actually use it to go on holiday in the coming Summer.
So... unless something comes up... I will infact be in Japan in the Summer of 2011!
Another friend of mine is also planning to go, so I may infact be going with her. Which would be great.
I've always wanted to travel, but I never imagined I'd be able to go somewhere like that, so soon anyway. So I'm pretty damn excited. ("Weeaboo! Go watch animu, you fag!" - You)
While there, I plan on bringing a camera and doing a few video blogs, for here and for memory-sake.
Anyway, just thought I'd post this, since I haven't posted anything personal in a while. Catch you all later!

Sexiest. Game character. Ever.

Something I have not mentioned any of my previous posts is that I am a huge fan of console gaming.
And PC gaming aswell, though I don't have a machine capable of running anything decent anymore. It's a shame, because Guild Wars 2 is just around a large corner, and anyone who knows me well, knows I LOVED Guild Wars, like a second girlfriend. Maybe a first girlfriend... it was that good.

Recently, I was replaying Batman: Arkham Asylum, and searched for a video online. What I came across was screenshots of the sequel, expected to be released in the 2011 fall period.
First off, I'd like to point out that if the sequel, "Arkham City" is anything like it's predecessor, it is going to be fantastic. The combat system, the storyline and the little Easter Eggs throughout were amazing.
But now onto the more important part, relating to the post title.

New creative piece and plans!

So yeah, I understand I posted a few blogs ago that I had been writing a short story set in a futuristic city yada yada.
Well... it's not going to happen.
The problem lay in the way I was approaching it. Every piece of that story was projected in my mind like a movie, which made it alot harder to put down into words and have it satisfy the image I had.

So tonight I began to just write whatever came to my mind. And it has actually come out pretty well.
When I say "pretty well", I mean it's at a standard of quality that my old pieces would have been at. It can still improve though.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Time to say goodbye.

 I was checking my emails earlier (via AOL Web Mail, brilliant email service if I do say so myself), and had a look at the features news and stumbled upon this.
A 10 year old girl, names Jackie Evancho sung "Con te Partiro" on America's Got Talent, and blew the judges away.
Now normally I am not a fan of these shows, but the song is easily my favourite Italian song, and for a 10 year old girl... her voice is fucking amazing. If she doesn't lose her voice or get bored of singing, she'll really go far in the future. Listen to her sing here!

College Decisions and more.

I have decided, after thinking it over, to try and get into the Level 3 I-Media course.
The thing is, it is a very popular course and with limited spaces and so many applicants, I'm left hoping that I'll get in.
And my Travel and Tourism will be basically out the window, as I was supposed to ring back today, but I can't ring back and give the tutor a proper decision at this stage without knowing whether I'll be getting accepted for the other course.
By the time I do get possibly rejected by I-Media, I'll have missed the door for Travel and Tourism too.
For being the main college in Belfast, they really need to sort their shit out.

Kids with celebrity status.

You all know those kids that reached the public eye, whether by being music artists or affiliated with Disney.
Names such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, iCarly (idgaf what her name is) etc. etc. etc.
Alot of these kids get a bad name from people around the world who just LOVE to shout "fag!" or "slut!" or "you deserve to die because you are making more money than me even though you are more than half my age, but this is definately not my fault for wasting my life away by sitting in the house, unemployed and on benefits!!!!111!!1".
Now I'm not saying that I like these kids. Justin Bieber for a start, I can't stand. It's not because of his celebrity status though. It's his music and his annoying little squirrel face and attitude. But I think if people are going to hate on these kids, they should probably atleast get some perspective on why they're doing it. Because I think 90% of the time, it's jealousy.

Short Story Fail

Okay, so it turns out that my writer's block is alot more serious than I thought.
The 500 word prologue I wrote was substandard... I mean... REALLLLLY substandard.
I'm deciding to try and write a bunch of short stories, of all different genres. None that go anywhere, or that will become a longer story. Just little one-page pieces until I get my edge back.
Hopefully within a week or so, I'll be back at my prime. And I kinda' have a new idea for a story.
Lycanthropy ensues.

Stay tuned for another daily gibberish later (check the new daily gibberish page for it)!