Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Blast from ze past!

Alternative post title: 666; Devil's Symphonia ~A Child's Tale~

I kid.
Alot of you guys who don't know me outside computer world don't realise I used to be a... sort of goth kid when I was younger. Sort of meaning "tryhard". Looking back, it makes me laugh. Alot. And regret. ALOT.
But when looking through a cupboard, I found my old trenchcoat and... I just had to make a 2010 Remake picture.
So... here. 6 images of what Saint Fox would look like goth (or whatever), in 2010.

ALOT of people are going to find this amusing. Alot of people are going to go "LOL FAG". Yeah, that's aimed at you. ("Hey! I didn't say anything yet!" - You)
This is strictly for amusement purposes. I will not roam the streets like this, EVER again. Well, maybe Halloween, but eh. Enjoy the 2010 "MikaMalice" special.


  1. Pffft I remember when you were a goth and I don't even know you in person.

    Also, way to turn off centering, faggot.

    PS. That was sarcasm, nice centred text, dick.

  2. I actually put it centered, Pr(n)ick!
    HURHUR. -changes for- >_>

  3. NICEEE! You acc look a bit like Mizer.....!!!!
    esp bottom left and last one.
    I likey.

    I used to dress Harajuku ^____^~~

  4. T____T Stop being so damn cuuuuuute ROFL