Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Cartoons and love for friends.

Recently, I was thinking of a topic to write about in this blog, and the only one that came to mind was this.
As of late, I've been watching old 90's cartoons and it is only now that I realise that they really weren't aimed at kids. The one in particular I am talking about is the X-Men Animated Series, which originally aired on Fox Kids. ("Fox Kids? Really? What age are you again?" - You)
Although this cartoon can be watched by those of all ages, I honestly feel that alot of the dialogue and events throughout the six series would be very confusing for a younger child.

Scott Summers (Cyclops) and my favourite character, Jean Grey (Phoenix)

Honestly, if you liked the live action X-Men movies, or the later X-Men Evolution cartoon, I advise going back and rewatching the original animated series, as it is an amazing watch. Plus some of the characters throughout it I did not remember, for example, Cyclops' father, Corsair.

Another AMAZING cartoon I used to watch on CNX that I rewatched lately is "Spawn". If you haven't heard of it, or seen it... you're in for a treat.
Keep in mind, this is NOT suitable for kids, as there is sex, nudity and heavy violence. It is the story of a man who was betrayed and killed by his boss in the CIA, who has been revived as a "Hellspawn" after making a deal with a demon in attempt to see and protect his wife once more. It's dark, it's gritty, it's gory, it's great.

Al Simmons after being reborn as a Hellspawn.
So yeah, overall, I'm pretty damn addicted to mature cartoons that aren't solely made for children, like the previously mentioned. I'm still making my way through X-Men The Animated Series, and it's on the Phoenix Saga. Gah! So... good.
Okay, now I've probably posted this before, but I really need to say it. The people in my life at the moment are easily some of the best I've ever been around. There are VERY, VERY few people I dislike right now. I'm not "putting up with" anyone, I'm not having to hide in "appear offline" because I can't be bothered with people online, I am just really happy.

This doesn't just apply to the amazing guys and girls I hang around with on weekends etc., this goes for those amazing people who keep me sane while online. Such as... Nicholas van Kroonenburg ("That's a name that demands respect." - Chris Girvin), who has made me laugh and kept me amused for years upon years. Alongside that, there are others who I've only begun to talk to, and already get more conversation than 90% of my MSN list (such as my dear Shivvy, who has already raped my iTunes library.)
So thank you all for keeping me sane, and for existing. Because alot of you are truely amazing people, who I wouldn't trade for anything! Well, maybe this, but you know. You're all the bee's knees! ("Please stop blogging." - You)

Alright, that's me for the night. I had a mini-rant to go into, but the issue has resolved itself, and I've clearly typed too much, so until tomorrow or the next day, au revoir, mon blog!
B-Lion and S-Fox. We're REALLY not gay. Honest.
S-Fox (puppy eyes), B-Lion (anarchy!) and Duckiemeaw (duck) - The lads!


  1. Lucky you. Being happy n' all. I'm clearly unhappy. It's because I'm ill and bored. So I am generally unhappy.