Wednesday, 1 September 2010

College Decisions and more.

I have decided, after thinking it over, to try and get into the Level 3 I-Media course.
The thing is, it is a very popular course and with limited spaces and so many applicants, I'm left hoping that I'll get in.
And my Travel and Tourism will be basically out the window, as I was supposed to ring back today, but I can't ring back and give the tutor a proper decision at this stage without knowing whether I'll be getting accepted for the other course.
By the time I do get possibly rejected by I-Media, I'll have missed the door for Travel and Tourism too.
For being the main college in Belfast, they really need to sort their shit out.

As for my creating writing urges, I shall try more this evening. I'm really disappointed with how down-hill the quality of my work has gotten, so I am determined to fix it.

Finally, this song is so fucking awesome. It was the first J-Pop song I ever listened too.


  1. awesome indeed

  2. saint fox, your the shiz..check out my might like it.