Sunday, 26 September 2010

Countryside fun!

So on my last post, I mentioned I was heading to a party being held by some girl I didn't know.
Well, me and B-Lion got to Lisburn with two other friends and met the others who were getting taxis with us.

Before I get to the party, may I just add that a certain blonde girl in our taxi kept giving the driver wrong directions. You know who you are!

Anyway, we got to the party, which turned out to be in the back-arse of no where. And hoooo-leeeee shit. The house was beautiful. I mean, I can only DREAM of living somewhere like that someday.
So we went on in, and met a large group of people in the hall and kitchen. It turns out I knew a few people who were there, which was a nice surprise. I had people to talk to while sober!

Lots of alcohol, National Kiss-A-Person Day love, more alcohol, dancing, music, in-depth conversations about having tonsils removed and more followed. I made some new friends whose company I really enjoyed. They are all super-nice and fun to be around, and not one person fucked me off. That's rare to find.

In the early hours of the morning, Mr. B. Lion disappeared with a girl, and it was left to me and Cara (the sister of the birthday girl) to go hunting for them.
During this time, we were told stories of people freezing to death on doorsteps, which was... awkward... since it was told to us by her mother. It was even more awkward that I had an awful urge to laugh. I also found out that Cara is the most HARDCORE girl when it comes to drinking. Her drink of choice that night was Listerine Mouthwash mixed with vodka. That's just not right...

Anyway, they eventually turned up, and it turns out that the man we know as Brave Lion now has a girlfriend!
Shock! Horror! Terror! Astonishment! etc.

After this, and a little more drinking, everyone began to fade and pass out around the house, so I did the same for an hour (Cara was the last to sleep, and I believe that has something to do with drinking a bottle of mouthwash...)

When we woke up, me and B-Lion wanted to jog back to Lisburn to get picked up by his father, only to find out that it was a six mile jog. So Cara/Nicole's mother gave us a lift back in, which was VERY kind of her. She also offered to make us food. What a lovely woman. Street cred and whatnot to her! ("... Did you just offer street cred? God damn..." - You)

Anyway, a sort-of hangover occured where my stomach felt like it was being torn apart and I slept for... well... pretty much the rest of Saturday, which forced me to cancel some plans I was excited for. But I really couldn't go out and be lively while feeling like that.
<3 Lav you blog.
I'm just back from work and cleaning up cat crap, feeding them, walking and bathing dogs and more, so I'm pretty tired. I have another shift at 16:30, so I'll take this time to rest.

Until the next interesting chapter in the life of S-Fox, I bid you adieu.


  1. Huh. Is it that astonishing that I'm not single anymore? Its only been... a year... D:
    That's too long faggot and I blame you!

  2. Oh yeah, because I've been taking all the hot girl.
    LOL OR NOT. Single for 7/8 months now?