Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Kids with celebrity status.

You all know those kids that reached the public eye, whether by being music artists or affiliated with Disney.
Names such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, iCarly (idgaf what her name is) etc. etc. etc.
Alot of these kids get a bad name from people around the world who just LOVE to shout "fag!" or "slut!" or "you deserve to die because you are making more money than me even though you are more than half my age, but this is definately not my fault for wasting my life away by sitting in the house, unemployed and on benefits!!!!111!!1".
Now I'm not saying that I like these kids. Justin Bieber for a start, I can't stand. It's not because of his celebrity status though. It's his music and his annoying little squirrel face and attitude. But I think if people are going to hate on these kids, they should probably atleast get some perspective on why they're doing it. Because I think 90% of the time, it's jealousy.

Eugh. I don't believe I just posted a rant with "Justin Bieber" in the labels. I feel like I've sold out.

Oh yeah, second thing I need to talk about is Google AdSense.
In my first blog here, I complained about this function not working (blank pages etc.) and it was pissing me off because I thought it'd be a great feature to have.
Well lo' and behold, it's finally working. You'll see alot more advertisements from Google around my pages. I've done my best to make sure the blog is still tidy, but it's for a good cause ("No it isn't, it's all for you, you sell-out!" - You).
Thanks to B-Lion over at "Just stay silent until I press the 'A' button!" for helping me set up my AdSense. Check him out!

Alright, I have to go to a tech information session, I'll see you guys laaaater!


  1. Yesssss thank you for saying what I've always been thinking about Bieber etc... I just. Don't make such a big fucking deal about him or anyone famous, because I'm aware I'm horribly jealous for the most part. Also what gets me is when everybody continually says the likes of Justin Bieber, Hannah Montana etc are "crap" when it's like... Well why are they raking in so much money then? Still can't stand their music but obviously a lot of 10 year olds can and the people who produce this music know that.

  2. You forgot to mention I was the one who set up your AdSense account :3


  3. i'm just upset cuz the child stars destroyed the cartoons the fact that there is a section in the disney shop dedicated to hannah montana depresses me then the fact that she goes from bein angel - sorta i can't be tamed slutty business, when she is still underage annoyin and the whole underwear incident lik if ur representing disney keep it U till ur 18 ffs fair play ta her she is makin money but y she gotta be so fuckin annoyin! and i wouldn shout slut id jus be lik shush!!!!!!!! somethin bout her voice penetrates inside my skull

  4. Awk well, she's a typical teenage girl. She's got a great body, so she flaunted it.
    If she wasn't a celebrity, she'd be doing it all over MySpace anyway. Only difference is her celeb status, and the press blew it out of proportion.
    Yeah, her and half of the other girls in the world. She's still just human.