Thursday, 2 September 2010

New creative piece and plans!

So yeah, I understand I posted a few blogs ago that I had been writing a short story set in a futuristic city yada yada.
Well... it's not going to happen.
The problem lay in the way I was approaching it. Every piece of that story was projected in my mind like a movie, which made it alot harder to put down into words and have it satisfy the image I had.

So tonight I began to just write whatever came to my mind. And it has actually come out pretty well.
When I say "pretty well", I mean it's at a standard of quality that my old pieces would have been at. It can still improve though.
 The piece I am writing is set in a battlefield (think trenches, mud, gunfire etc.) during an unnamed war. It's not going to be as violent as I had planned.  Instead, it will be more thought-filled, going into how the soldier is feeling, being away from home and admidst a warzone.

ANYWAY, on a lighter note, I have gathered a nice little following of people on here. So hello to you all!
I honest to God don't have much to blog about right now.  ("Then why are you blogging, fag?" - You)
I've just spent all of my night writing, watching Sopranos and fiddling with features on this blog.
What's everyones opinion on the current layout? I'm pretty happy with the way it looks, but I may change it sometime. Any criticisms?
I'll blog alot more tomorrow. Infact, I might actually see about going out with B-Lion for a while in the coming days. If so, there should be a BIG blog, chock-full of crap! So see you then!

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  1. No complaints about the look of the blog, personally. It's quite easy on the eyes, especially at 3am when I'm usually blog surfing.
    Good luck with your writing- I think the change in direction will be a good one. Violence is great, but having an emotional attachment is what will keep people reading, not just through one book, but through many.