Thursday, 16 September 2010

Oldschool gaming.

Recently, I found a pile of my old PS1 games and have been having nostalgic orgasms. ("Gaaaaay." - You)
Well one game in particular has had my attention for HOURS on end the last few days, and that would be Battle Arena Toshinden 3.
Now when I first started playing it again, the controls seemed very unresponsive, as if there was a very slight time-lag inbetween the button press and the move. After a few matches, I saw the benefits and advantages this gives. This small time lag allows you to enter in the button-combo to perform a certain attack or string of attacks (say Square, Square, Triangle, Square on the controller) and watch as it is performed, rather than having to time each button after the previous. I think it's kinda' nice for those hard-to-use, long combos.
The attack ranges are fun. Each character has an unlockable counterpart, both of which wielding the same weapon and have similar attacks. But the attacks themselves are REALLY fun.
Weapons, punches, kicks, somersaulting with chainsaws, drilling through enemies with swords, blowing opponents away with guns... it's all amazingly addictive. And the special attacks/hidden super attacks are always fun and flashy.

Although the game is relatively short, you've got that incentive to play through the arcade with each character to unlock the counterparts, and to raise the difficulty level to unlock the special bosses/hidden characters.
It kinda reminds me of Tekken Tag Tournament, another game I was highly addicted to on the PS2.
Alot of people prefer Street Fighter and games like that (MUGEN style fighters), and I can see why they're fun. The old-school, arcade controls are pretty sweet, but I have to admit, I SUCK at them. Never before have I failed so pitifully in a game, as I have in Street Fighter/Capcom Fighting Jam. Ugh!

Anyway yeah, leave a comment below and tell me...
What's your favourite PS1/N64 generation game, and why?

Ps. In my last post, I mentioned we cellotaped a drunk, passed out friend to a naked baby doll, wrote on him, put chocolate and condoms down his trousers and stuff... RESULT.


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