Monday, 13 September 2010

Party pics and more.

So we got some of the pictures from the party! The videos however had to be deleted, as the audio was completely broken.
So find them at the bottom of this post.
Secondly, if I'm single by Christmas, I'm murdering someone. Sick sick sick of being single ("Homo, you can't get girls." - You) and it's really making me feel shitty now!

Anyway, I've started tech, and it hasn't been bad so far... Maybe I'll actually do well!? Okay, that's pushing it.
I'll try though. A one week residential and work experience is motivation enough.

Anyway, party pictures. Only the best ones.
 ^ B-Lion, S-Fox and Duckie
S-Fox and Duckie dancin'. Sorta...
B-Lion, S-Fox and Duckie posing...
Girvin biting my head...
B-Lion, Duckie and S-Fox
^ Duckie and S-Fox, looking serious.
^ B-Lion and S-Fox - Totally homo.
Alright, catch ye later, blog.


  1. And so, the second from last photo, you called yourself B-Lion. You are NOT me. :C

  2. You seem like fun people to hang out with. I don't party much, but I'd party with you lot if the chance arose. Oh and by the by, I like your blog a ton, so I'm following you.

    I have a blog as well, which you can follow if you're interested. It's the life story of a badass, modern Pecos-Bill-type character told in near-daily vignettes. I'm looking for actual readers, rather than just clickers/supporters, so if anyone's interested, feel free to take a look. =)