Saturday, 4 September 2010

Sitting at Brave Lion's!

I'm current situated in the gaff of B-Lion!
We started off playing FarCry which was fun. I'm a natural with a sniper.
But we decided to get retro. After tuning the TV, we got the Sega Mega Drive (Genisis for USA fella's!) installed and we played Sonic The Hedgehog 2 which we nearly completed, but failed in the end.
Now we're playing Vectorman, which I personally have never seen before but it's damn weird!

Ps. As I type, Vectorman just turned into a train. "Wut?" - You and me.)

My mum told me I'd be getting £20 tomorrow (35 dollars for USA fella's... again!), and I'm also working two shifts, and might be getting my paycheck of £28 pound, so I'll be rich! Well... not really, but close enough!
It's £75 for a passport though, which is my first target. So I'm not spending much of my money til I get that.
Then I'm trying to save up for Italy... ugh! I'm too responsible these days.
Oh! And I'm still waiting for my call about whether or not I get into my college course. Well.. I did get a phone call, but it was the wrong course, so I have to wait til Monday...
Well, I'll talk to you later, blog! Love you!


  1. Oh bro, you must go to Italy. The women, the food, its all a riot mate, really. You gotta make it happen!

  2. FarCry is awesome.

    Showing some daily support, keep up the awesome posts!

  3. how long are your shifts if your paycheck is 28 pounds?

  4. Very short. If I'm getting a paycheck, it was for my six hour trial last weekend. 3 on Saturday, 3 on Sunday.

  5. Good luck man, I really wish I traveled a lot more. Once you're done school and are working to pay the rent, its hard to make room for traveling : (

  6. very interesting! need moar posts from you...

  7. i got you, mate. show me some love at