Friday, 3 September 2010

Staying up til 7am.

I know this blog is being posted in the middle of the afternoon, but that would be due to staying up til 7am watching Japanese movies.
B-Lion was at a party last night, which I could not attend due to lack of money (I haven't got my paycheck yet). Shame, because people I actually know where there. Oh well!

So instead of going to the party, I sat in and watched Japanese action movies. And one of them was the funniest Action/Horror movie I've ever seen. It's called Versus, and was directed by Ryuhei Kitamura.
I won't dive too deep into it, as to not spoil the ending or twists in the movie (psht, like there was a real plot to twist anyway), but here's a list of some of the things this movie includes.
  • Shitty zombie storyline
  • Wacky characters with badass attitudes
  • Gun-fights
  • Infinite bullets (probably using gameshark)
  • More fake blood than you can drown a baby in.
  • Gun wielding zombies
  • Slap-stick over the top violence.
  • Cheesy action movie "rock" soundtrack.
  • Gang related violence.
  • Sword fights (because they're Asian).
  • Uber Martial Arts (because they're Asian).
  • Stealing clothes from the dead.
  • Unnecessary woman beating (she wasn't in the kitchen).
  • Kidnap.
  • Zombie knife fights.
  • Decapitation by high-kick.
  • Heart eating.
  • A guy who drinks blood like a vampire?
  • Punching holes in peoples faces.
  • Funniest knockouts EVER.
  • Self harm.
If you still want to watch it, CLICK HERE for part 1. Be aware, you'll need Veoh Web Player to watch it all.

In other news, I have  decided that I will NOT be going to Japan this coming Summer, but the next.
Why you ask? The reason is simple. To drink and go into nightclubs in Japan, you need to be 20. I will only be 19. And although many sites state that alot of places don't ID and aren't strict, I'd rather be certain that I can get shit-faced while in Japan, than spend all that money to be sober...

So I am considering a different holiday for the coming Summer, if I can save up wages, EMA and whatever other money I can get. Maybe Italy? I know B-Lion wants to go to Rome and stuff, so that's a definate possibility.

Finally, I just want to state that being single for 7/8 months has worn thin. Very, very thin. ("lolol you can't get girls, you're a huge faggot." - You.)

That's all 'til tonight, unless nothing interesting happens today, in which case I'll blog tomorrow again.


  1. "In other news, I have decided that I will NOT be going to Japan this coming Summer, but the next."

    I am so disappoint. I really wanted to see that happen too man...

  2. Haha nice man. check out my blog sometime

  3. @WakeOfBuzzards
    Yeah, I was still considering it, but I really need to be positive that I can get really drunk and flirt with hot Asians in clubs ;D

    But if I save up my wages and EMA etc., I should be in Italy or somewhere within Europe for a bit. ^_^

  4. I'm usually up until 7AM play TF2.


  5. I always stay up til 7am lyk a baws

  6. Gonna check out that movie, share the love homie :)

  7. badass. japan seems like it would be a perpetual acid trip almost. crazy japanese people

  8. I have the same bad habit of not sleeping, then I end up being so tierd I cant even write! :P

  9. I wanna go to Japan so bad!