Thursday, 30 September 2010

Tattoo ideas.

I have two ideas for tattoos.
Well, three.
Two are quotes, one is a Japanese kanji symbol which I have used online for quite some time.

A) "Where is my mind", after the song by (The) Pixies.
B) "Self destruction is the answer", after the Fight Club quote. I really like it, even if it is cheesy to get.
C) The Japanese kanji for "Malice". It's something I still hold close to me.

I'm not sure where I'd get these on my body, but I need one of them! Any ideas?
I'll post again later. Adios.


  1. Look up Miyavi's tattoos... he has like scripts down his back. ^____^
    I could design your tattoo... I've designed one and he got it done. 8)

  2. Please don't get a fight club quote.