Sunday, 19 September 2010

And I'm feelin' good.

This blog post will be short, as there's not much I can currently say.
Right now, I'm really feeling good. Alot better than I have recently.
All the friends I have right now are great. I actual don't have anyone stressing me out etc.
Saturday was lovely, I got to see the people I enjoy being with and then randomly decided to drag Anya to the cinema and watch Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which was a great movie, despite previous assumptions.
Worked both shifts at work today, and although it's physically draining, it's going to be really nice to have the money. Also, the walk up and down, alongside the work itself, is great exercise which I quite frankly need.
I have college tomorrow, and whereas normally I'd be feeling overly tired or "ugh" about having to go, I really don't mind. I'm feeling super positive about alot of things, it's one of them. I'm going to try real hard.

So there we go. I realise this was quite a serious post with no jokes or humour. So to compensate:


  1. WELL HELLO. I stalk you everywhere. NAIZZEEE
    Shivvvyyyy/Siobhan here 8)

  2. D: Ahhh! Stalkerface.
    <33 Welcome to my humble blog, where I regularly scream and cry about how life isn't fair. ;D

  3. Cry Moar!

    Hahaha, that video is hilarious!