Friday, 24 September 2010

Upgrading & Partying

As you know, I'm just back to college, and my timetables are so good that I get Fridays off.
Score! Long weekend! This means I can drink on Thursdays/Fridays, recover Saturdays and work Sundays.
The perfect schedule!
So I have a party in Lisburn (another city in Northern Ireland) to go to with B-Lion and a few others. I expect to be drinking extremely heavily, to the point of no return. And that is going to be rough, considering I have stuff to be doing on Saturday.
I'll try and get a camera on the scene, and bring you a few pictures back. I doubt I can top the picture of the guy we tied up and covered in drawings etc., but I'll try!

In other news, I'm going to revamp my layout soon. I went on my blog on B-Lion's laptop and realized that the background didn't fit properly (it has two borders on wider screens, whereas on his, they were behind the page content), so I will be changing to a tiled background of sorts. Maybe just a plain dark colour to keep stuff simple. I'm pretty happy with the other gadgets and stuff on the page for now, so I think I'll leave all that.
I'll even create a small page about myself, because I'm that vain. It'll just give you all an insight into who I am, where I come from and my interests. And what I look like of course...

I'm back in good spirits today. The idea of getting drunk, enjoying music etc. has cheered me up, alongside the nice words of friends. Thank you!
So until Sunday, unless I post on Saturday night, have a good weekend, blog!
--- --- ---
Ps. I don't normally advertise other peoples blogs, unless I know them, but this guy's blog really amazes me. He's writing a story about this kid called Tornado Jackson, who is totally badass and is fucked around by no one. Each post contains a small chapter, so start from the beginning. Click here to read!

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