Monday, 6 September 2010

Very active weekend.

I realise I've called this blog "daily" yet haven't managed to keep it as so. I didn't post yesterday due to working two shifts. I was up at 6.30am and out the door at 7.40am. Once finished, I got home at 12 noon. I then watched anime and fell asleep for a bit, before having to head out at 3.40pm again and working another shift. I eventually got home at 6.20pm. By this time, I was abosolutely wrecked, so I just listened to podcasts and went to bed between 9 and 10.

But now the dream.
The dream I had last night was extremely strange. It involved a huge party in the nearby town to where I live (Holywood). It had people stealing scooters and bikes, hippys around campfires, fights going on in the streets etc. At one point, I found my dad (long story short, haven't seen him in 6 or so years) who was in a hippys house. So I left there, and ended up with girls that I know from around Belfast (capital of Northern Ireland) who I normally wouldn't hang around with.
Finally, me, B-Lion and our friend Chris got a bus. The driver of the bus wasn't a normal bus driver. It was Goldust, superstar from WWF/WWE.
We then drove around Belfast and an area near where B-Lion lives. Then I woke up.

Alot has been left out from this dream, for... personal reasons? Haaa. Anyway, that's all I have for you.
I'm gonna' go watch Gantz or play Fallout 3. Blog later!


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  2. i love having dreams where you wake up and youre just like wtf was that shit about. in a good way though.

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  3. i will see what i can do about getting a fox pic like the tiger

  4. Poopa Bear to lil Poopie

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  5. lol thats lik really similar 2 the dream u had the other! only ur actual m8's are there this time means the same ting! lmao! :)

  6. i need to poop

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  7. chaotic dreams are the best ones!

  8. Don't worry about not getting something out every day. It's pretty tough to always have something to write about.

  9. Just showing some daily support. :)