Friday, 3 September 2010

Weekend plans and more Japanese crap...

Normally I would go into Belfast (the capital city of Northern Ireland for those who don't know) on Saturdays, but it has become increasingly shitty, so I have run out of things to do. The last few weeks have just been house parties and work.
So tomorrow, I'm going to go to B-Lion's house for a while to chill-out and maybe play some 360/PS3 for a while. Chances are we'll post a post a blog each when there. Or maybe a video blog, if I bring my cam or something...
But I'm sure something fun will happen, so I'll actually be able to post about something to do with my day, rather than the future, past etc.

I think all this talk of Japan has infected me. I find myself watching an anime called Gantz at the moment, which is pretty... odd... And as I mentioned in my previous post, I watched an hysterically funny Japanese movie called Versus last night.
So to finish off my Jap-fest, here are two live videos from an amazing energetic Japanese new-wave band called POLYSICS.

Electric Surfin' Go Go!

New Wave Jacket

Buggie Technica


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  2. interesting music, and hope your man-date goes well. (lol jk)

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