Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Gaming and Ranting


Now that I got that out of the way, hello! I realise I haven't been posting in a while, and that's simply down to the fact I couldn't be bothered. I've been busy. Very busy. But a very pretty girl requested I post, so I am!
I got my hair cut a little, I had a night out at the Students Union (£1.50 a drink? Yes please) and I had the most hungover Saturday morning in work ever.

Anyway, Fallout: New Vegas. Wow. I had it plotted down to be a recycled game. And in many aspects, it is. Graphics are pretty much the same, weapons and stuff from Fallout 3 are still about, characters still look pretty much the same.
What is new? Factions. I love the factions. I think it really allows you to find a sense of belonging somewhere in the Wasteland. Of course, this caused me a great deal of inner-conflict. Do I want to be a good guy and fight along side the NCR? Do I want to be a sadistic bastard and help the wolf-furfag Legion, who like to crucify people? Maybe help the escaped convicts and different little gangs?
I dunno. It's a tough one, since helping any of the groups causes the other groups to dislike you. And vice versa. I'll probably be an evil bastard though. Because it's hard not to be. Next playthrough, I'll be good. I swear.
Anything else new? New armor and weapons. They're all pretty nice. Armor/Damage Thresholds is something I need to get used to aswell. Shooting a guy in the head and his armor taking alot of the damage is awkward.
NEW AMMO. Hollow-point bullets. Armor piercing bullets. Ammo cases.
NEW WEAPON MODS. Silencers. Scopes. Wow! I like customization I do.
New perks. New skills. All pretty cool.
HARDCORE MODE. Ever wished you could die from dehydration, starvation etc.? Ever wished that you couldn't just heal automatically with a syringe? Now you can! I'll probably do this at a later date, after my first or second playthrough.
ANYWAY. Enough about my Obsidian/Bethesda fetish.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Headphone War

Right, I have a question to ask you. What is your favourite make of headphones and why?
Comment below OR on my Facebook post!

Today I got a new pair of headphones. They are made by WESC, a company I had quite frankly never heard of, so I was skeptical to hand over £40 ($70-ish?) for some tinny, uncomfortable pieces of crap.
This was not the case. They look sexy as hell (in my opinion), they feel comfortable once you've worn them a few times (like shoes I guess) and the sound quality is PHENOMENAL.
For the price, these were well worth it. Before this pair, I previously has a pair of Skullcandy Hesh headphones.
At the time I purchased them (from the same place as the WESC "Oboe"s) they were £50.
So mark that down. Dearer than the WESC.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Throw it up, mothafuckuh.

So I had an amazing weekend. This post will be a huge contrast to the previous one.
I spent the weekend with a bunch of friends in Belfast, and made a whole lot more. I was drunk the whole time. Vodka is a hell of a drink. So is beer.

The fellas! Dave (G-Squirrel), S-Fox and B-Lion.
After getting drunk, doing some stupid stuff, chilling out with the bruddaz, being offered drugs by strangers on the street etc., Alanna and myself went back to B-Lion's for more drink.
On our way back, we stopped at McDonalds for food. We then ran up towards the shopping centre. Drunken antics ensue. I threw a computer chair across a street at B-Lion and nearly lost my wallet packed with money. Oops.

We then uh... ended up in a bush.

B-Lion on the left, S-Fox on the right.
B-Lion and myself ran full speed at a fence and front flipped over it and through a hedge. Normally, I'd be afraid to attempt a frontflip of any sort, especially not one through a hedge full of pointy branches. But vodka and I are a good tag-team, and I went all Jeff Hardy on that shit. My back and arms are now covered in cuts and rips from the branches, as we went right down through the bush and hit the floor.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Scene missing, fade to black.

After a lovely day out with my best friend B-Lion, I'm home and feeling shitty.
It's when he falls asleep that I realise there is no one else that I really have that fucking connection with.
Beforehand, I've always had other people around who I was really close to, friend-wise or relationship-wise.
Now I've got no one else. Be it my fault or others.
There's those people who I can talk to for ages, but there's still that huge distance from "friend I can talk to about stuff" and "person I can rely on completely". The latter is what I miss. The other one can only go so far.
I even miss the people who fucked me over. Just because they were there for the time.
A girl named Sophie filled in alot of the blanks for me. I'm lonely. She was right.


Anyway. Going to meet a friend tomorrow for a while and get her... face pierced. No idea what yet. I refuse to get anymore piercings as they cost too much. Way too much for a piece of metal being stabbed through you.
Then after, I'm going to the gym. Yeah, I'm going early, rather than waiting for my next payslip etc. Why? For "teh" gains! Heh. Next I'll be following the code of GTL. I'm sure you know what I mean. If not, you're obviously not hip.
I'll post again tomorrow, complaining about my body being sore from a little exercise. ("Pussy!" - You)

Monday, 11 October 2010

The past and the future.

What can I say, the weekend was hopeless boring.
I'd been at tech all week, and spent some time with an old "aquaintance" which was really nice.
I spent all of Friday pretty damn drunk. Pints of cider, bottles of cider, vodka, Sherry... ugh. I'm pretty sure I spammed alot of people on different sites and MSN with inapproriate nonsense. Oh well.
It wasn't a BAD day. Just kinda' boring I guess. I got a hold of a bunch of good DVDs (which I left at Pete's...)
Oh, and I walked home at 4 in the morning, shit-fucking drunk, in heeled boots wearing very little clothes. Oh, and I live a good few miles away. And when I got the door and took out my key, it turned out mother had left the key in the other side, so I had to knock the door for ten minutes to wake her up. UGH.
So yeah, rough night. And I had work the next afternoon. Joy.

The rest of the weekend was consumed with work. And TNA Bound For Glory 2010, which was a great show.

S-Fox and B-Lion lobbing shoes and stuff at Alanna.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Reinventing myself ; Saint Fox V2

I plan to reinvent myself this November.
Why November? By then, I will have a decent amount of money (I could be spending 110 on passport and deed poll stuff), and I will be able to afford the stuff I want.
I already have my new jacket and makeup, ("You're a guy and you wear makeup, you queer." - You)
In the first few days of November, I will recieve my next paycheque of £100 or something, alongside £120 EMA. This will pay for:
  • Haircut and hairdye. My hair will be a bit shorter and will be dyed purple, whether this is dark purple or bright purple depends on if I can be bothered bleaching my hair first.
  •  Deed poll. As mentioned before, I need to change my surname to the name which is on most of my documentation (the only thing it isn't changed on is my birth certificate). I need to do this so I can get my passport under my new name.
  • Passport. This is so I have ID for going clubbing etc. And for future holidays.
  • New clothes. I already have a new, beautiful jacket. But I have a bunch of t-shirts that I want to buy, alongside some dress shirts and a leather jacket. I also need new jeans, which I will sort out in Belfast. Oh I also need a new necklace, a near ear-ring and a new pair of shades. Because I'm cool and stuff. ("Gaaaaaaaaaaaay."  - You)
  •  Gym membership. That's right, as soon as I get my payslip, I will be signing up to a gym near my college at a low price of £21 pound a month, which gives me access to the gym, the pool, the jacuzzi and the sauna. And showers of course. I really want to get in shape and stuff, so I think this is the perfect way to start my reinvention. Oh, I also need to get a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a top for the gym. So I fit in a bit. And swimming trunks... Wow, this money is going quick!
So that's my list, for now. I'm sure more will turn up... but I'll work on that another time.

Also, thank you all so much. As of today, I finally hit the 2000 viewers mark! And I've passed 100 followers! I couldn't have had the motivation to continue rambling here without you all, so thanks!
I'll talk to you again soon, blog. And I'll keep you updated on the upgrade I'll be having... the upgrade of myself.

Heh. Weirdest hardcore track ever.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Money & Power Metal!

I went to Tesco last night with 75p in hope of finding something cheap to eat.
After getting some doughnuts, I decided to check the bank to see if my £88 (120 dollars or so?) from work had went in yet, expecting nothing.
I typed in my code. Clicked "Check Balance".
£256.62. FUUUUUUCK.
I feel so rich. It seems my EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) has come in, and I'm once again earning.
I also now work on Saturday afternoons for an hour or two, so that's another wee bit of cash.
I expect to be making £200 ($375ish) a month now, which isn't that much, but considering I want to save up for a holiday in the Summer. It'll be damn useful. The money I have at the moment is going towards a new passport, changing my name by Deed Poll (surname only... probably... unless I change my first name to Mika...) and some other things.
I'm riiiich!

In other news, I've become highly addicted to "power metal" again. Specifically, Rhapsody of Fire.
They're so goddamn epic. I have their song "Holy Thunderforce" on repeat at the moment.
Also in my playlist are some Dragonforce songs and some Freedom Call songs.
I blame my inner nerd.
Anyway, I'm off college for the weekend now, even if I am working Saturday afternoon and all Sunday.
Awk well! Money! Night blog!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Sanity 404 & Being Posh

I'm slowly losing grip on my own sanity, ha ha. It's like... wow. The smallest things are ticking me off way more than they should. I've been thinking more violently and creatively when angry, not just "FFS I'M GOING TO STAB YOU IN THE LUNG". It's now "I'd love to just force feed you broken glass and strangle you while you try and swallow it."
Heh. Autumn brings out the best in me it seems. It's my favourite season.
I'm building bridges. Befriending people from the past and fixing things. Well, as much as things are fixed.
This however, does not go to the fuckers who spent their time seeking my attention constantly and leading me on. You will never, ever, EVER be in my life again. I hope who this is aimed at reads this. Because I want you to know how fucking much I want you to suffer.
That's me, dated 05/10/2010. Hiya.
At the bus stop recently, on my way home from college, two of my classmates... no, acquaintances, called me out on apparently sounding posh? And being well spoken? Using big words?
Is it such a big deal in 2010 that someone is actually literate and has a large vocabulary?
I am not posh. Never have been, never will be. Far from it. Maybe it's just because I don't have a traditional Belfast accent. Or because I actually know what a metaphor is. That's right. The people who accused me of all this were confused and told me to simplify things in class when I used the words "metaphor" and "vain".
I give up. Next time people want to call me out on a quality of mine, they should probably pick a different one, because they're only making themselves look ill-educated by going "YOU TALK REALLY PROPER."

Rant over. I have college tomorrow at like... quarter past 11. Sorry for the lack of posts recently (heh, I'm apologising to my future self reading this, since no one else does).
Night blog.

Ps. I'm a fucking poet:
"Once I called you my sunshine, but now it seems there's a solar eclipse."
Damn, I'm deeeeep.

Monday, 4 October 2010

I'm not dead.

I haven't posted in a while. I've been pretty damn ill for the past week or so. I felt better on Sunday, but I had to work and by the time I was free of that, I went to bed. T~T
I had to witness a cat being put to sleep and then had to carry the cat to a freezer (while it was in a plastic container). I also got to see it's owners crying. I had a mini-breakdown. ("Pussy. Heheh, word play." - You)

Anyway, I want my payslip. Really. But nooo, our rich-ass boss is away at the moment, and won't be back til the middle of the week. Frgahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Give me my money you piece of piss. I need a passport so I can go out drinking
I have a tattoo finally worked out. It'll revolve around my alias, Saint Fox. Not sure what it'll look like yet, but I'll figure it all out in due time.

I'm kinda half naked and need to be getting ready for college, so I'll talk to you guys later. I also have Space Invaders boxers on. Isn't that kinda awesome?

Ps. Shitty Hell in a Cell PPV tonight. Not terribly excited. Roll on TNA Bound For Glory. 10.10.10!