Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Gaming and Ranting


Now that I got that out of the way, hello! I realise I haven't been posting in a while, and that's simply down to the fact I couldn't be bothered. I've been busy. Very busy. But a very pretty girl requested I post, so I am!
I got my hair cut a little, I had a night out at the Students Union (£1.50 a drink? Yes please) and I had the most hungover Saturday morning in work ever.

Anyway, Fallout: New Vegas. Wow. I had it plotted down to be a recycled game. And in many aspects, it is. Graphics are pretty much the same, weapons and stuff from Fallout 3 are still about, characters still look pretty much the same.
What is new? Factions. I love the factions. I think it really allows you to find a sense of belonging somewhere in the Wasteland. Of course, this caused me a great deal of inner-conflict. Do I want to be a good guy and fight along side the NCR? Do I want to be a sadistic bastard and help the wolf-furfag Legion, who like to crucify people? Maybe help the escaped convicts and different little gangs?
I dunno. It's a tough one, since helping any of the groups causes the other groups to dislike you. And vice versa. I'll probably be an evil bastard though. Because it's hard not to be. Next playthrough, I'll be good. I swear.
Anything else new? New armor and weapons. They're all pretty nice. Armor/Damage Thresholds is something I need to get used to aswell. Shooting a guy in the head and his armor taking alot of the damage is awkward.
NEW AMMO. Hollow-point bullets. Armor piercing bullets. Ammo cases.
NEW WEAPON MODS. Silencers. Scopes. Wow! I like customization I do.
New perks. New skills. All pretty cool.
HARDCORE MODE. Ever wished you could die from dehydration, starvation etc.? Ever wished that you couldn't just heal automatically with a syringe? Now you can! I'll probably do this at a later date, after my first or second playthrough.
ANYWAY. Enough about my Obsidian/Bethesda fetish.


Don't you hate it when things are really awkward? Alright! Good! Storytime then!
There once was this guy who worked Saturdays and Sundays! That same guy gets one day off college, which is a Friday!
Boy meets girl. Girl is amazing. Girl is out of boys league. Girl is still lovely to him. Girl lives far away.
Girl comes to Boys town on weekends. Boy works weekends. Boy doesn't see girl.
Now, for those who know me, this is fairly obvious who I am referring to. It'll be ALOT funnier when this part happens.
Girl reads boys blog. Boy regrets writing blog. Girl feels awkward. Boy looks like idiot. The world freezes.


Uh. I can't think of much more to write. There are pictures of the night out at SU. But thankfully they're not uploaded yet. If they are, and I like any of them (doubtful), I'll post them. If not, I won't.
But here! Have a new picture of me, since I haven't posted in a while, and you've probably forgotten my face!

Sayonara, blog!

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