Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Headphone War

Right, I have a question to ask you. What is your favourite make of headphones and why?
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Today I got a new pair of headphones. They are made by WESC, a company I had quite frankly never heard of, so I was skeptical to hand over £40 ($70-ish?) for some tinny, uncomfortable pieces of crap.
This was not the case. They look sexy as hell (in my opinion), they feel comfortable once you've worn them a few times (like shoes I guess) and the sound quality is PHENOMENAL.
For the price, these were well worth it. Before this pair, I previously has a pair of Skullcandy Hesh headphones.
At the time I purchased them (from the same place as the WESC "Oboe"s) they were £50.
So mark that down. Dearer than the WESC.

Within the first fornight of using them, the piece of plastic used to extend the length of the headphones (to make them the right fit) snapped. Cheap, cheap, CHEAP plastic. Eventually the other snapped to, which meant lots of superglue.

Soon enough, the extension cable for the pin broke, so I had to keep it on a short cable until I found a new one. Cheap cables.

And more. In the following months, one of the ears completely stopped working. Now these things were always on my head or connected to my laptop, leaving very little time for damage.

All in all, for £50, these headphones were GARBAGE. The only thing they had going for them was the pattern and the sound quality, which was very good. But even still, sound quality doesn't matter if you can't touch them without pieces snapping and breaking.

WESC "Oboe"
Design: 7/10 - Quite plain, but very urban and shiny.
Sound Quality 8.5/10 - Beautiful output, lots of bass.
Durability N/A - Haven't had them long enough. Looks durable though.
Comfort 7.5/10 - Kinda awkward at first, but very comfortable once adjusted etc.

Skullcandy "Hesh"
Design 6/10 - The ones pictured looked nice, but was hard to see. Other designs were nicer though.
Sound Quality 8/10 - Very good quality, though
Durability 3/10 - Weak plastic snaps easily, crappy cables and poor durability all around.
Comfort 7.5/10 - Also comfortable, but awkward when unadjusted. Can cause sore outer-ears.


Anyway, onto my life.
New stuff makes me happy. Earning the money for new stuff doesn't.
I will be working both morning and evening shifts this weekend aswell as the Halloween weekend, meaning I don't get to go to my good friends 18th or any Halloween parties.
Crushed. So, so crushed. The money better make up for it.

College has been fun. I really enjoy the Europe as a Travel Destination and the UK as a Travel Destination units. It's really cool to learn about all different places, the architecture, the attractions and stuff. Alot more interesting that the "speed and accuracy of a companys service" assignments. Ugh. Melting.
Also, I really like the majority of my class. No one fucks me off, bar two, maybe three people. And I think it's just in them to be twats. So whatever. There's alot more nice people who I really enjoy talking to, including one who took me by surprise today by telling me something about themselves that I would never have guessed. I like getting to know more about people.

As for the rest of my life, all is pretty good. I love going to the gym and working out. Most people would be like "Too much effort" or "How can you enjoy straining your body?"
Easily. When I come out, I always feel like I've accomplished something, and pushed myself to my limit.

I've started talking to a few new people online from the same country as I (Northern Ireland) who are really nice. I love making new friends, especially ones with similar interests as myself.

So all in all, my life is at 7.5/10. Why only 7.5? Some things still need to happen before I can push it higher. And I don't know when that'll be. Maybe soon. Maybe never.
We'll soon see blog, we'll soon see.

Me when I was 14/15 at Gay Pride. Drunk. ("Faggot faggot, faggot." - You)

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