Thursday, 7 October 2010

Money & Power Metal!

I went to Tesco last night with 75p in hope of finding something cheap to eat.
After getting some doughnuts, I decided to check the bank to see if my £88 (120 dollars or so?) from work had went in yet, expecting nothing.
I typed in my code. Clicked "Check Balance".
£256.62. FUUUUUUCK.
I feel so rich. It seems my EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) has come in, and I'm once again earning.
I also now work on Saturday afternoons for an hour or two, so that's another wee bit of cash.
I expect to be making £200 ($375ish) a month now, which isn't that much, but considering I want to save up for a holiday in the Summer. It'll be damn useful. The money I have at the moment is going towards a new passport, changing my name by Deed Poll (surname only... probably... unless I change my first name to Mika...) and some other things.
I'm riiiich!

In other news, I've become highly addicted to "power metal" again. Specifically, Rhapsody of Fire.
They're so goddamn epic. I have their song "Holy Thunderforce" on repeat at the moment.
Also in my playlist are some Dragonforce songs and some Freedom Call songs.
I blame my inner nerd.
Anyway, I'm off college for the weekend now, even if I am working Saturday afternoon and all Sunday.
Awk well! Money! Night blog!