Monday, 11 October 2010

The past and the future.

What can I say, the weekend was hopeless boring.
I'd been at tech all week, and spent some time with an old "aquaintance" which was really nice.
I spent all of Friday pretty damn drunk. Pints of cider, bottles of cider, vodka, Sherry... ugh. I'm pretty sure I spammed alot of people on different sites and MSN with inapproriate nonsense. Oh well.
It wasn't a BAD day. Just kinda' boring I guess. I got a hold of a bunch of good DVDs (which I left at Pete's...)
Oh, and I walked home at 4 in the morning, shit-fucking drunk, in heeled boots wearing very little clothes. Oh, and I live a good few miles away. And when I got the door and took out my key, it turned out mother had left the key in the other side, so I had to knock the door for ten minutes to wake her up. UGH.
So yeah, rough night. And I had work the next afternoon. Joy.

The rest of the weekend was consumed with work. And TNA Bound For Glory 2010, which was a great show.

S-Fox and B-Lion lobbing shoes and stuff at Alanna.

I'm looking forward to this run-up to Christmas. Halloween will be interesting, if it's on a Sunday. Work until 6, and then off to a friends for drink hopefully. No costumes for me, however.
Christmas is my favourite time of year. I mean, it's amazing. Especially the MUSIC. Argh! I can't wait to fill up my iPod! "Fairytale in New York" please! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.
The future is kinda picking up... somewhat. I hope all my little plans and ideas start forming. Because I'd be really, really happy.

Tomorrow after tech, I'm considering going to find a cheap pair of track bottoms and then heading up to the gym on Wednesday for a free trial. If it's nice and worth-while, I'll sign up and start my reinvention. I want to get in a decent shape... Not overly built, but not skinny or flabby or anything. I just wanna look nice. ("Lazy bastard, get out of bed and do something, instead of spending all day blogging and shit!" - You and Me)


  1. Nice post bro, Christmas is always a great time of year.
    Good cheesey music too :P

  2. I like your post and I would really like to see more of them