Friday, 8 October 2010

Reinventing myself ; Saint Fox V2

I plan to reinvent myself this November.
Why November? By then, I will have a decent amount of money (I could be spending 110 on passport and deed poll stuff), and I will be able to afford the stuff I want.
I already have my new jacket and makeup, ("You're a guy and you wear makeup, you queer." - You)
In the first few days of November, I will recieve my next paycheque of £100 or something, alongside £120 EMA. This will pay for:
  • Haircut and hairdye. My hair will be a bit shorter and will be dyed purple, whether this is dark purple or bright purple depends on if I can be bothered bleaching my hair first.
  •  Deed poll. As mentioned before, I need to change my surname to the name which is on most of my documentation (the only thing it isn't changed on is my birth certificate). I need to do this so I can get my passport under my new name.
  • Passport. This is so I have ID for going clubbing etc. And for future holidays.
  • New clothes. I already have a new, beautiful jacket. But I have a bunch of t-shirts that I want to buy, alongside some dress shirts and a leather jacket. I also need new jeans, which I will sort out in Belfast. Oh I also need a new necklace, a near ear-ring and a new pair of shades. Because I'm cool and stuff. ("Gaaaaaaaaaaaay."  - You)
  •  Gym membership. That's right, as soon as I get my payslip, I will be signing up to a gym near my college at a low price of £21 pound a month, which gives me access to the gym, the pool, the jacuzzi and the sauna. And showers of course. I really want to get in shape and stuff, so I think this is the perfect way to start my reinvention. Oh, I also need to get a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a top for the gym. So I fit in a bit. And swimming trunks... Wow, this money is going quick!
So that's my list, for now. I'm sure more will turn up... but I'll work on that another time.

Also, thank you all so much. As of today, I finally hit the 2000 viewers mark! And I've passed 100 followers! I couldn't have had the motivation to continue rambling here without you all, so thanks!
I'll talk to you again soon, blog. And I'll keep you updated on the upgrade I'll be having... the upgrade of myself.

Heh. Weirdest hardcore track ever.

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  1. I think im going to hook up a gym card too now also. Had no motivation for that until now when i read this.