Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Sanity 404 & Being Posh

I'm slowly losing grip on my own sanity, ha ha. It's like... wow. The smallest things are ticking me off way more than they should. I've been thinking more violently and creatively when angry, not just "FFS I'M GOING TO STAB YOU IN THE LUNG". It's now "I'd love to just force feed you broken glass and strangle you while you try and swallow it."
Heh. Autumn brings out the best in me it seems. It's my favourite season.
I'm building bridges. Befriending people from the past and fixing things. Well, as much as things are fixed.
This however, does not go to the fuckers who spent their time seeking my attention constantly and leading me on. You will never, ever, EVER be in my life again. I hope who this is aimed at reads this. Because I want you to know how fucking much I want you to suffer.
That's me, dated 05/10/2010. Hiya.
At the bus stop recently, on my way home from college, two of my classmates... no, acquaintances, called me out on apparently sounding posh? And being well spoken? Using big words?
Is it such a big deal in 2010 that someone is actually literate and has a large vocabulary?
I am not posh. Never have been, never will be. Far from it. Maybe it's just because I don't have a traditional Belfast accent. Or because I actually know what a metaphor is. That's right. The people who accused me of all this were confused and told me to simplify things in class when I used the words "metaphor" and "vain".
I give up. Next time people want to call me out on a quality of mine, they should probably pick a different one, because they're only making themselves look ill-educated by going "YOU TALK REALLY PROPER."

Rant over. I have college tomorrow at like... quarter past 11. Sorry for the lack of posts recently (heh, I'm apologising to my future self reading this, since no one else does).
Night blog.

Ps. I'm a fucking poet:
"Once I called you my sunshine, but now it seems there's a solar eclipse."
Damn, I'm deeeeep.


  1. HUH. Posh? Nah mate... haha!
    Nah, yeah it's hard to find people nowadays, in today's society to actually use proper grammar.
    Well actually... in Belfast, I think. -___-" I swear, we have the WORSE accent in the entire world (haha, actually NOT RLY the worse, but yeah), and it actually makes us sound like we're not even speaking proper English x__X"
    Well actually, I'm not that easily angered like that LOL..but like, easily annoyed, I guess. And I bottle it up. Then....EXPLOOODEEE.
    Haha, also your comment on my recent entry made me laugh. We're going insane together ; u ;

  2. Haaa! Well you know what that means.
    We can share a bunk bed in the asylum! ^__^ <3