Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Scene missing, fade to black.

After a lovely day out with my best friend B-Lion, I'm home and feeling shitty.
It's when he falls asleep that I realise there is no one else that I really have that fucking connection with.
Beforehand, I've always had other people around who I was really close to, friend-wise or relationship-wise.
Now I've got no one else. Be it my fault or others.
There's those people who I can talk to for ages, but there's still that huge distance from "friend I can talk to about stuff" and "person I can rely on completely". The latter is what I miss. The other one can only go so far.
I even miss the people who fucked me over. Just because they were there for the time.
A girl named Sophie filled in alot of the blanks for me. I'm lonely. She was right.


Anyway. Going to meet a friend tomorrow for a while and get her... face pierced. No idea what yet. I refuse to get anymore piercings as they cost too much. Way too much for a piece of metal being stabbed through you.
Then after, I'm going to the gym. Yeah, I'm going early, rather than waiting for my next payslip etc. Why? For "teh" gains! Heh. Next I'll be following the code of GTL. I'm sure you know what I mean. If not, you're obviously not hip.
I'll post again tomorrow, complaining about my body being sore from a little exercise. ("Pussy!" - You)


  1. I kinda know how you feel about the lack of close relationships.
    But im reconnecting with old friends again, and having a good time

  2. Right here with you...
    Yeah.. close friends. :<..
    That's why I wanna start elsewhere. Feels like there's not much for me here. Ya know, when you have a lot of close friends, you think to yourself, "Hell, like I would ever like to move away. I wanna stay here, so I'll always be with them."
    Well... it's all changed. I've lost some, and now I feel like, moving away seems like a good idea. And it could be. Who knows.
    And yeah..... it/they really fucked me over with the whole fall out. Over something very f*cking stupid.... and not very best friendishy... -_-.

  3. Yeah. I've wanted to start anew many, many times. And personally, I still would like to.
    Just put B-Lion into a suitcase and go somewhere else. x_X
    I don't like being on this little island anymore. The areas, the people, none of it.
    Let's fly away :c