Sunday, 17 October 2010

Throw it up, mothafuckuh.

So I had an amazing weekend. This post will be a huge contrast to the previous one.
I spent the weekend with a bunch of friends in Belfast, and made a whole lot more. I was drunk the whole time. Vodka is a hell of a drink. So is beer.

The fellas! Dave (G-Squirrel), S-Fox and B-Lion.
After getting drunk, doing some stupid stuff, chilling out with the bruddaz, being offered drugs by strangers on the street etc., Alanna and myself went back to B-Lion's for more drink.
On our way back, we stopped at McDonalds for food. We then ran up towards the shopping centre. Drunken antics ensue. I threw a computer chair across a street at B-Lion and nearly lost my wallet packed with money. Oops.

We then uh... ended up in a bush.

B-Lion on the left, S-Fox on the right.
B-Lion and myself ran full speed at a fence and front flipped over it and through a hedge. Normally, I'd be afraid to attempt a frontflip of any sort, especially not one through a hedge full of pointy branches. But vodka and I are a good tag-team, and I went all Jeff Hardy on that shit. My back and arms are now covered in cuts and rips from the branches, as we went right down through the bush and hit the floor.

Anyway... we eventually got back to B-Lion's (after a trip to get more drink first), and I realised I was topless bar an awesome hoody and scarf. Hilarity ensued.

B-Lion was uh.. well...

Uh... I don't know.
Alanna was controlling the camera, so there are no pictures of what she was up to. Simply, she was the most sober. I think...

Alot more drunken antics ensued through the night, and we all went shopping the next day, before I went to work.
It's was a friends birthday that night, so we got him a pair of white Y-Front pants. Heh.

The rest of my weekend has been consumed with working, but it was good. I was really happy to see all my friends again, and not be wrapped up in drama.
Going back to the gym tomorrow after college. Did I mention I started the gym? Probably not. It's fun. I like it. That is all.
Goodnight blog, I'll see you soon.

OH WAIT. Ps. I have cut off my ties with AdSense. I am too lazy to try and bring in traffic from different sites, and I feel like all the advertising I was doing was taking me away from what this blog actually is. A place for me to look back in a few years time and go "Shit, I was queer".

I'm addicted to this song. LIL JAWN AND THE EASTSIDE BOYZ.


  1. You went shopping after a night of drinking?
    I can barely move after a night of booze :P

    Thanks for the song too

  2. I failed to mention while shopping, I had to stop in the toilets because I was going to throw up.
    And all the way there I was complaining and almost throwing up...
    I handle my drink well. ;D