Monday, 29 November 2010


So we're on the last stretch towards Christmas.
I know you're thinking "Hey Saint! It's not even December yet!" Ha, well you see, fuck you.
I finished work for the weekend, so the next time I'm working it'll be in December. And I'll be paid.
Therefore to me, it makes sense.

I'm extremely excited this Christmas. It was around this time last year where my life got turned upside down and I was left in a bit of a shit place.
The opposite is happening this year. Everything seems to finally be picking up. So I'm hoping this could be a good sign that my 2011 may indeed be fun.

I've come into contact with people of the past, I've got the best friends I could ask for, I have had alot of events happen recently which may have a big effect on the new year and more.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Vodka and Stress

Vodka and I have a love/love relationship.
I love to drink it in large amounts, and it loves to make me do stupid shit which I'll later regret.
I'm pretty sure I've reached the possible monthly limit of bad drunken decisions. I should be good til December?
I met lovely people on Saturday, when the Christmas Lights in Belfast were being turned on.
I just hope I manage to stay in contact with even just a few of them, because I love making new friends.

My sleep pattern has been fucked up. I don't mean that I'm staying up on the laptop all night etc.
I mean I just can't sleep at normal times. I just can't sleep between 12-4am. And because of this, I've been falling asleep for small amounts of time at like 7/8pm, after work or college. It's quite annoying.

S-Fox in his current, wrecked state...
 So my lack of sleep and vodka-fuelled idiotic actions (there were some GREAT actions, just not ALL of them...) have left me feeling stressed and weary.
There is someone who is making me feel ALOT better. But there's complications even there. More on that at a later date possibly.

Until the next time I update, hopefully with nicer stories, flowers, rainbows and shit, I will bid you adieu and try and get a bit of shut-eye.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Overview of a drunken night,

I'll make this quick. Because I'm tired and don't really feel like typing lots.
So here is what happened yesterday/today:
- Went to B-Lion's with Desi.
- Went to Lambeg (which is like... a few fields).
- Got my phone back
- Decided we'd take over Lambeg and turn it into New Jersey.
- Went to some pub, which was full of greying old men.
- Drank a bit.
- Met friends.
- Stopped Desi from going home.
- Ate food.
- Got taxi to Lisburn.
- Got a carry out from the off-license.
- Went to one pub, but the door was locked.
- Went to "Molly's Parlour" A.K.A Hipster central...

Friday, 12 November 2010

I'm not sick but I'm not well.

Chest infection ftw. Been coughing up my lungs most of the week.
Things have been sketchy during the week, partially due to my shitty mood. I don't like being in pain every time I cough.

But today I'm feeling... well, still pretty shit. But I've got dressed.
Got makeup'd. Got sexy'd. And now I'm going to meet friends (Desi and B-Lion) and heading to Lisburn for drinks with others. It's going to be an interesting night. If I survive. I can see myself dying in a bar or something.

OH WELL. Let's fuck this shit up bros.

Ps. Bros will ALWAYS come before hoes. Testifyyyy!
Salute for "Bros Before Hoes"!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

If you're bored, then you're boring.

Alternative post title: Barcelona is a bit shit.

What's this? A blog post?
I haven't done one of these in while, so this may go kinda slow.

Recently, things have been kinda slow. I've been going out to bars with friends, lying around the house, shopping for crap I probably don't need AAAAND college.
Which is where I am right now.

I'm supposed to be doing an essay on how "super-fucking-awesomez!!1" Barcelona is.
I'll tell you what, let me choose the city, and this would be a fun assignment? But Barcelona?
Shittiest most boring-to-the-eyes place I've ever studied. There doesn't even same to be any overly interesting attractions other than cathedrals and museums. Two of the most god-awful boring things in the world. Did I mention they have beaches? Look at the picture below! Look at all those people! That looks so... so... fucking annoying. Who wants to go lie out in the boiling hot weather, sweat like a bitch and be surrounded by hundreds of other douchebags doing the same thing. Maybe I'm the only person who enjoys a bit of privacy, but ugh.
General frustration aside, I'm looking to the rest of today. I have my laptop and webcam with me, so I'm heading to Mr. B. Lion's house for a while this afternoon/evening. Even if he will be hypnotised as he has rented out Fable III.
Alongside this monumental event ("You're always at his house, queer." - You), I get to see a certain extremely pretty girl after college for half an hour or so, which I am really looking forward too. More on that at a later time hopefully.

I also have to meet someone for drinks in the near future. I'm starting to believe all I do is drink. Sigh.
Oh well. Til' next time blog.