Saturday, 13 November 2010

Overview of a drunken night,

I'll make this quick. Because I'm tired and don't really feel like typing lots.
So here is what happened yesterday/today:
- Went to B-Lion's with Desi.
- Went to Lambeg (which is like... a few fields).
- Got my phone back
- Decided we'd take over Lambeg and turn it into New Jersey.
- Went to some pub, which was full of greying old men.
- Drank a bit.
- Met friends.
- Stopped Desi from going home.
- Ate food.
- Got taxi to Lisburn.
- Got a carry out from the off-license.
- Went to one pub, but the door was locked.
- Went to "Molly's Parlour" A.K.A Hipster central...
- Drank voka. Lots of vodka.
- Listened to live bands.
- One band "Rachel Austin" dedicated a song to me. It involved tommy guns.
- Drank more and more.
- Talked to the band, drank more.
- Stole hipster art with my friend Dave.
- Started walking all the way back to Lambeg.
- Threw road barricades about.
- Took shelter in a play park.
- Shouted about how everything was too mainstream.
- Tried to set fire but had nothing to light.
- Got shouted at for drawing on a car with my finger.
- Desi went home.
- We continued down dark paths in the countryside.
- Got back to Alanna's house.
- Got kicked out.
- Sat in a field, cold.
- Stroked a donkey.
- Got a taxi home.

Sorted. Problem? COME AT ME BRO.

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