Monday, 22 November 2010

Vodka and Stress

Vodka and I have a love/love relationship.
I love to drink it in large amounts, and it loves to make me do stupid shit which I'll later regret.
I'm pretty sure I've reached the possible monthly limit of bad drunken decisions. I should be good til December?
I met lovely people on Saturday, when the Christmas Lights in Belfast were being turned on.
I just hope I manage to stay in contact with even just a few of them, because I love making new friends.

My sleep pattern has been fucked up. I don't mean that I'm staying up on the laptop all night etc.
I mean I just can't sleep at normal times. I just can't sleep between 12-4am. And because of this, I've been falling asleep for small amounts of time at like 7/8pm, after work or college. It's quite annoying.

S-Fox in his current, wrecked state...
 So my lack of sleep and vodka-fuelled idiotic actions (there were some GREAT actions, just not ALL of them...) have left me feeling stressed and weary.
There is someone who is making me feel ALOT better. But there's complications even there. More on that at a later date possibly.

Until the next time I update, hopefully with nicer stories, flowers, rainbows and shit, I will bid you adieu and try and get a bit of shut-eye.

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