Friday, 17 December 2010

White Christmas?

Okay, so if you're from Northern Ireland, you'll have seen everyone flooding Facebook with "OH MY GOD IT'S SNOWINGGGG AHHHH".
Yes. It is infact snowing for a second time this Winter. This is rare in Ireland, since it's unusual to have snow lie on the ground even once a year. At this rate, we're looking at a (and my first) "white Christmas".
Honestly? I'd really like that. Not because I love snow, but just to be able to experience Christmas as it is portrayed in movies and Disney movies and books etc.

Things to note about this video:
  • It's 1am. I may not sound enthusiastic.
  • When I say "it's been snowing heavily", I mean by OUR standards.
  • I know it's low quality. It's from a shitty webcam. I'll upgrade soon.

I have no problems with snow. Ice... I don't like ice. But snow is okay.
It's the people's reactions to it that bother me.
or the alternative...
"Oh my God, more fucking snow. This is so depressing. I hate snow. Snow is evil. Snow causes cancer."
Slightly exaggerated on both sides, but you catch my drift.
Calm down. It's just snow.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

"Inappropriate Content" and CHRISTMAS!

Today in college, I thought I'd change the design of my blog to something festive.
Blogger was working just fine... but then something was different. Previews and stuff weren't showing.
Hm... Odd. So I decided to enter my blog via it's url.
~ This website has been blocked due to "Standard Rules/Inapproriate Content" ~
They've BLOCKED my blog! The college have BLOCKED my fucking blog!
I typed in B-Lion's url to see if it was all blogs, but no. It was just mine.

Sigh. I suppose it was a good excuse to make an amusing picture anyway.

Monday, 6 December 2010

99 Problems

Ha. Right now I'm sitting with my class, our tutor is gone and there's a crowd of scumbags kicking our door because they threw a hat in, and we locked it.
Half an hour has passed, and one finally just shouted "PLEASE."
Heh. That door isn't being unlocked 'til I hear an apology in song form.

Anyway, eventful weekend. Drank a bunch in Katy Daly's bar, met B-Lion and G-Squirrel ("Codenames are gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay." - You) and went to a girls 18th party.
Oh, and I nearly got punched. But that was resolved.
As for the girls party... it was good. From what I remember. I didn't realise how steamingly drunk I was. Spent alot of time with a lovely female friend (if you ever read this, hi :3) and the lads.
Eventually (time stopped existing at this point) we went back to G-Squirrel's house and drank more.
Probably wasn't the smartest idea...