Monday, 6 December 2010

99 Problems

Ha. Right now I'm sitting with my class, our tutor is gone and there's a crowd of scumbags kicking our door because they threw a hat in, and we locked it.
Half an hour has passed, and one finally just shouted "PLEASE."
Heh. That door isn't being unlocked 'til I hear an apology in song form.

Anyway, eventful weekend. Drank a bunch in Katy Daly's bar, met B-Lion and G-Squirrel ("Codenames are gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay." - You) and went to a girls 18th party.
Oh, and I nearly got punched. But that was resolved.
As for the girls party... it was good. From what I remember. I didn't realise how steamingly drunk I was. Spent alot of time with a lovely female friend (if you ever read this, hi :3) and the lads.
Eventually (time stopped existing at this point) we went back to G-Squirrel's house and drank more.
Probably wasn't the smartest idea...
What happened: vodka, drunk wrestling, nearly broke my nose, sprained a finger, went a walk with B-Lion, passed out.
The next morning involved hangovers, throwing up in a Tesco's toilet and work. Gross.
But thank you for a good weekend, anyone involved. And thank you Nicole for the great party, for what I remember of it.

Heheheh, not hungover at all.
I'm single. Did I mention that? Yeah.
Recently, I've surprisingly been hanging around with several girls. Each of them lovely, in their own ways.
Two of which don't want to be in a relationship. Fair play.
The others... I might have kind have fucked it up with. But that's the price of drinking too much vodka.
But I'll tell you what, no matter how many problems and arguements etc. that have rose in the last month, it's been a hell lotta' fun. If this is a sign of how 2011 is gonna' play out, BRING IT.


  1. Ugu~
    You clearly should have came out on Saturday after work. It involved even more alcohol. And we all ended up at my house but they all got fucked out though.

  2. Who was "all"?
    And RAGIN'. Kinda wish I had have come out, but I don't think I could have handled it.