Friday, 17 December 2010

White Christmas?

Okay, so if you're from Northern Ireland, you'll have seen everyone flooding Facebook with "OH MY GOD IT'S SNOWINGGGG AHHHH".
Yes. It is infact snowing for a second time this Winter. This is rare in Ireland, since it's unusual to have snow lie on the ground even once a year. At this rate, we're looking at a (and my first) "white Christmas".
Honestly? I'd really like that. Not because I love snow, but just to be able to experience Christmas as it is portrayed in movies and Disney movies and books etc.

Things to note about this video:
  • It's 1am. I may not sound enthusiastic.
  • When I say "it's been snowing heavily", I mean by OUR standards.
  • I know it's low quality. It's from a shitty webcam. I'll upgrade soon.

I have no problems with snow. Ice... I don't like ice. But snow is okay.
It's the people's reactions to it that bother me.
or the alternative...
"Oh my God, more fucking snow. This is so depressing. I hate snow. Snow is evil. Snow causes cancer."
Slightly exaggerated on both sides, but you catch my drift.
Calm down. It's just snow.

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