Monday, 30 May 2011

Becoming Saint.

I'm back, you motherfucking cuddly bastards.
I haven't blogged in... uh... 5 months or so? ("Oh, you were gone?" - You)
I had my reasons for not blogging. Mainly because it was easier not to during that time.
But now I feel resurrected and ready to ramble again.

I'm baaaaaaaaack...
What have you missed? Nothing interesting.
But to keep in fashion with the original point of having this blog...
You know what I hate? Hypocrites.
When you take pity on someone because they're having a rough time, only for them to treat another person the way they were treated. I feel like I've wasted my time caring for someone when they are just as bad as everyone else. So you know what? Fuck off.
Go suck a mountain of cocks and whine about it when people call you a slut. I'm done.

So that's me for the evening. Just felt like getting back to this.
Oh, and there's been a slight change in the name. I'm no longer using the Saint Fox alias. Instead, I'm fusing it with my real name, Mika. Therefore, Mika Saint is born.
I will blog again soon hopefully. Nice to see you little fucks again.
Sayonara, blog.

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    Welcome to the dark world of blogging.


    hypocrites are awesome!! >_>