Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Looking out for #1

Today I have been taking a backseat when it comes to socialising with others. Instead of talking, I've just been observing others and their mannerisms, traits etc.
It's becoming increasingly apparent which people are genuine and which people are fake.
The worst part of this is, I can tell some of these people are "genuine" because of how thoughtless, self-involved and selfish they act.
For example, Person A goes to Person B because they want attention and want to feel good about themselves, and realise that Person B will give them that. Once filled with compliments, Person A packs up their stuff and disappears, only to move on to Person C for attention, leaving Person B wondering where they stand.

This situation sounds bad enough, but when you add in that there's an entire fucking alphabet of these people that Person A could be jumping between for their daily fix of Feelgood, it makes you stop and wonder what peoples true intentions are.
Especially considering not only is there an entire alphabet of  "victims" so to speak, but there's also an entire alphabet of "Person A"s. All looking out for themselves and no one else.
Gone is the day when people actually did things because they care for others.
I wish I could be the same and look out for me and only me, but I really can't. Surprisingly really, as I'd have thought myself to be one of the selfish ones.

I realise that reading this, you'll probably have a minor aneurysm (well, as minor as aneurysms get) from how boring and emo-kidish this blog has been, but I just needed to put it into words and get it off my chest.
I am also aware that alot of this probably doesn't make sense, but I'm tired and I am too lazy to use my brain and make things sound semi-intelligent or comedic.

Reader Sarah asked "What do you think about people using memes in real life to sound cool?"
Mika: This links in perfectly with something I saw in Belfast one time. I was sitting on a bench with a friend and witnessed a girl standing with a few other people, randomly spouting internet slang and memes for no reason. I can understand someone using a meme or quote to answer a question if it makes sense and would come across as humourous. Hell. Even answering "How many X do you have?" with "OVER 9000" is better than just shouting things out of the blue. Atleast it would make sense. BUT NO. This little crackwhore (who I hope is rotting in a gutter now) was randomly shouting "NEWFAGS CAN'T TRIFORCE" and expecting instant-lulz from those around her. If I had a revolver, I'd have blown her brains out all over the street right there and then. Personally, memes should be kept to the internet, but that's just wishful thinking. I blame a certain Futaba-based imageboard for the amount of retards walking the street these days.
Sayonara blog.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Blogging Revolution

The title is simply a quote from a Facebook comment I left earlier.
I've been writing this blog for... well, a decent amount of time now. And though many changes have happened since I started, many deleted posts etc., there is one thing I have always enjoyed.
When people send me messages on MSN or Facebook saying how much my blogs amuse them or how much they enjoy reading them. It kinda' motivates me to keep them going, as I know there are sometimes huge lapses of time where I just can't be bothered.
But something new happened recently.
A good friend of mine messaged me on Facebook saying she enjoyed the blog and linked me to her own, asking for tips and my opinion on it.
I don't know why that pleased me so much. It just made me feel good to be blogging etc.
And now I've seen other friends also publicly posting their blogs etc. It's nice to see people posting their opinions on things and just doing what makes them happy. ("Go back to Starbucks with your laptops, pretentious fags." - You)

Anyway, straying away from the new wave of blogs. Also, for anyone really stupid, that isn't me in the picture above. That's some douchebag.
You know what I hate? Having a cough, an aching throat and a blocked nose all at once. Trying to sleep when you can't breathe is hell on Earth.
Lately, I've been realising how smart I am. Yeah I know, ego or what. But seriously. I've been using foresight alot lately and doing things to make sure that in the event of a potential incident happening, I'll be covered and come out on top of the situation. I'm so good at this "life" thing. I won't go into details, but yeah, fuck with me and you'll be fucking yourself over 1000x worse, mon amis.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Some are born to sing the blues.

Sometimes in life, I can have alot of good days out with my friends. I can meet up, drink, party, flirt and generally have good times. But then there's days like today, where I don't want to go out with anyone, even my closest friends. I just want to stay in and lie around. It's not laziness. It's not that I don't want to see these people. It's definitely not something personal against anyone. It's just... me.

I guess I'm introversive in a way. It's like a have a battery which fuels my social life and every once in a while, it runs dry and I need time to recharge.
It's not something I enjoy. I'd love to go out and see everyone and enjoy myself, but I feel that I physically and mentally can't do it.

I'm posting this today, because I'm feeling drained and want to be able to explain it as best as I can, so that no one feels I am just being lazy or neglecting them. You people, my true friends, make me so happy and make my life worth living. Thank you.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

E3 (More like Eee...)

I promised myself I wouldn't get all nerdragey and bitch and moan about how disappointing E3 was, but as a friend over at posted, Microsoft/Xbox REALLY dropped the ball.

I can understand when a company bring out a new product, their first priority is advertising it and giving it as much publicity as possible. But pretty much every single thing that Microsoft brought to the table was pushed as "Kinect compatible". Now I'm sure there are people out there who may actually find this an advance in gaming and the industry in general, but to me, Kinect (aswell as Playstation Move) is extremely gimmicky. I have it placed up there with the EyeToy for the PS2 etc.
Pushing something so gimmicky is a let down, in my eyes. Maybe in a money-making point of view, they're trying to make Kinect compatible with as much as possible in hope of increasing sales, but I just don't see it happening. But who am I other than a 19 year old guy writing blogs on the interwebs.

The other thing that was pushed by Xbox and Microsoft was Internet Streaming such as Youtube and Hulu being implemented into the console. Big fucking whoop. Playstation and Sony have been offering an entire browser alongside built in iPlayer etc. since their consoles release, alongside much more. And the big difference here is that Sony never made you pay for it. Of course this just goes back to "Xbox Live isn't free, PSN is!", but that's entirely it in my eyes. You're offering something for a price (the standard Xbox Live price) which is already being given free by your rival company.

Finish the fight... again...
And finally, the big news. What people thought would NEVER happen.
You fucking kidding bro? Seriously? HALO 4!? Shit, no one saw that coming.
I kid. Anyone who thought the Halo francise was finished are idiots. Halo is Microsoft's way of saying "We want your money, and we no what sells." Halo has been making money for Microsoft since the first release and to not continue rolling with it would be an idiotic move on Microsoft's part. But why make it such big news. Woo, same old shit, different backdrop.

Dear Xbox and Microsoft,
Call me back when you've got something interesting or new to offer me.
Until then, we're done. Thank you and goodnight.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Ranting for the sake of ranting.

Minor Rant #1
Political correctness fucks me off. People need to lighten up on stuff like that.
Your average person seems to make more of "politcally incorrect" terms than the people who the phrases and names they are aimed at. My mum knows a guy with a limp whose email address includes "LimpyGimpy" and he calls his walking stick his "spazzo stick". Amazing. Props to this man.

Funk Master Z (prev. B-Lion)
and Mika Saint (prev. S-Fox)
Minor Rant #2
Censorship is getting ridiculous. Horror and gore movies being banned etc. is ridiculous. I can understand if the movies include something like rape. But gore? Man the fuck up, governments. If you're going to be "harmed" by a movie, don't watch. Don't even consider it. Just sit down and shut the fuck up. Don't complain and have it banned and ruin it for everyone else who gets off to it. I love gore movies and really freaky horror movies. If you don't like them, fine. But banning them? Seriously, fuck off now.