Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Blogging Revolution

The title is simply a quote from a Facebook comment I left earlier.
I've been writing this blog for... well, a decent amount of time now. And though many changes have happened since I started, many deleted posts etc., there is one thing I have always enjoyed.
When people send me messages on MSN or Facebook saying how much my blogs amuse them or how much they enjoy reading them. It kinda' motivates me to keep them going, as I know there are sometimes huge lapses of time where I just can't be bothered.
But something new happened recently.
A good friend of mine messaged me on Facebook saying she enjoyed the blog and linked me to her own, asking for tips and my opinion on it.
I don't know why that pleased me so much. It just made me feel good to be blogging etc.
And now I've seen other friends also publicly posting their blogs etc. It's nice to see people posting their opinions on things and just doing what makes them happy. ("Go back to Starbucks with your laptops, pretentious fags." - You)

Anyway, straying away from the new wave of blogs. Also, for anyone really stupid, that isn't me in the picture above. That's some douchebag.
You know what I hate? Having a cough, an aching throat and a blocked nose all at once. Trying to sleep when you can't breathe is hell on Earth.
Lately, I've been realising how smart I am. Yeah I know, ego or what. But seriously. I've been using foresight alot lately and doing things to make sure that in the event of a potential incident happening, I'll be covered and come out on top of the situation. I'm so good at this "life" thing. I won't go into details, but yeah, fuck with me and you'll be fucking yourself over 1000x worse, mon amis.


Anyway, I really didn't have much to say in this blog (I type after several paragraphs), so the rest of this is going to be


And yes, I will trademark in for future use.

I am 19. I'm a Picses. I can be the biggest bastard in the world or the sweetest fool, depending on my mood. When I'm hungover, sick, tired or pissed off, tread carefully. I'm extremely impatient. I find it very hard to trust people as of 2011. Hell, as of 2010, but even moreso this year. I don't forgive things easily. I'm a ridiculous drunk. I'm not confident but I'm damn good at covering that up. I've no idea what I want to do career wise, though I'm starting to think about it alot. If you like pro wrestling, I will most likely instantly get along with you. My natural hair colour is light browny/dark blondey/sandy gingery... I don't even know. I don't think I could live without chips or crisps. I love Jaeger with a deep, unholy passion. My favourite colour varies, but black and white combos always look nice. Or silver. Or purple. Purple is good too. I happen to think box forts are pretty fucking awesome.

And finally, for Paul, who asked "If you got desperate one night and decided that humping the freezer's ice compartment was the best method of pleasure and you got stuck. What would you do?"
First, I'd bitch and moan and if my laptop was nearby, write a blog on how cold my penis is.
Secondly, if I had a mobile, I'd probably ring the... ice... brigade...
"Maw, mah ding-a-ling is stuck in the freezer again!" is a sentence my mother doesn't want to hear for a second time in her life. I mean, what? Uh.
I'd rather not cut it off to be fair, though if it came to that, I'd wait for a while until it had frostbite.


Anyway, that about does it for this unnecessarily long blog. I may ask someone for a fun question each blog, to spice them up. Sound fun? Aye!
If you read this to the end, I feel sorry for your brain. Sayonara, blog.


  1. "I love Jaeger with a deep, unholy passion." LOL ! These are brilliant, eeh,
    what do you think of people getting into the internets and popular memes all of a sudden to impress everyone because it's apparently the new "thing"?
    I didn't know how to word that properly because i'm barely concious right now but it are good question think me.

  2. I will use that one I think. I'm pretty sure I can rant ALOT about that LOL