Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Looking out for #1

Today I have been taking a backseat when it comes to socialising with others. Instead of talking, I've just been observing others and their mannerisms, traits etc.
It's becoming increasingly apparent which people are genuine and which people are fake.
The worst part of this is, I can tell some of these people are "genuine" because of how thoughtless, self-involved and selfish they act.
For example, Person A goes to Person B because they want attention and want to feel good about themselves, and realise that Person B will give them that. Once filled with compliments, Person A packs up their stuff and disappears, only to move on to Person C for attention, leaving Person B wondering where they stand.

This situation sounds bad enough, but when you add in that there's an entire fucking alphabet of these people that Person A could be jumping between for their daily fix of Feelgood, it makes you stop and wonder what peoples true intentions are.
Especially considering not only is there an entire alphabet of  "victims" so to speak, but there's also an entire alphabet of "Person A"s. All looking out for themselves and no one else.
Gone is the day when people actually did things because they care for others.
I wish I could be the same and look out for me and only me, but I really can't. Surprisingly really, as I'd have thought myself to be one of the selfish ones.

I realise that reading this, you'll probably have a minor aneurysm (well, as minor as aneurysms get) from how boring and emo-kidish this blog has been, but I just needed to put it into words and get it off my chest.
I am also aware that alot of this probably doesn't make sense, but I'm tired and I am too lazy to use my brain and make things sound semi-intelligent or comedic.

Reader Sarah asked "What do you think about people using memes in real life to sound cool?"
Mika: This links in perfectly with something I saw in Belfast one time. I was sitting on a bench with a friend and witnessed a girl standing with a few other people, randomly spouting internet slang and memes for no reason. I can understand someone using a meme or quote to answer a question if it makes sense and would come across as humourous. Hell. Even answering "How many X do you have?" with "OVER 9000" is better than just shouting things out of the blue. Atleast it would make sense. BUT NO. This little crackwhore (who I hope is rotting in a gutter now) was randomly shouting "NEWFAGS CAN'T TRIFORCE" and expecting instant-lulz from those around her. If I had a revolver, I'd have blown her brains out all over the street right there and then. Personally, memes should be kept to the internet, but that's just wishful thinking. I blame a certain Futaba-based imageboard for the amount of retards walking the street these days.
Sayonara blog.


  1. Yeh... I hate when people are quoting internet memes irl randomly :|
    " you like pancakes? Do you want sugar, syrup or Nutella on it?"

    ^ okay, worse sample ever, but I can't think of a better one.


  2. Totally :l On another example, I remember this guy shouting to his friend "__________, WHAT DOES THE SCOUTER SAY ABOUT HIS POWER LEVEL?"
    Only for his friend to shout the "IT'S OVER 9000!!!!" and then they both laughed lots.
    Two words apply to these people. "Forever Virgin".