Saturday, 9 July 2011

Twitter = Tweeting, Tumblr = Tumbling?

"So... the atoms of the Sun fluttered gracefully into apple crumble? This always happens when I leave you alone."

Greetings from the Void, weary traveller.
Last night was pretty amazing. Went out with friends to a bar and ended up with a huge pitcher of beer. Oh, and a guy fell through two tables covered in glass bottles. I almost chanted "E-C-DUB", but refrained.
So, how're you? Good? That's wonderful. I was curious what this blog was lacking, and it's clearly a lack of interaction between me, your favourite blogger ever (Wait, Ray William who?) and you, my loyal subjects. It always seems to be me talking and you listening. I feel slightly selfish because of this.
Ha. I kid. I doubt you have anything interesting to say anyway. ("Yeah, because this post isn't nonsense..." - You)

I've got a question which you can answer either below in the comment area, on MSN or my Facebook... What's the deal with Tumblr? I see people posting about it and being all positive about it, but every page I look at is just people posting animated .GIFs of cats doing lulzy things. So... what's the big deal about this site? Am I missing something spectacular, or is it just another gimmicky site full of hipsters and scene kids?

Reader Greg asks: If you were the last living person on Earth, what would you do?
Mika replies: First off, I'd go and get myself a pile of cats. I'm going to be very lonely and I heard that's what fat and/or old people get when alone. So yeah. Also, I'd probably go looting. And have sex with dead people. I mean...

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