Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Social Networking

I thought I'd blog about this, simply because it's such a big topic at the moment.

When Facebook first came out, I stuck to Bebo for as long as possible, trying to avoid selling out and moving onto yet another profile.
I eventually gave in and really enjoyed Facebook. It was fun and simple. No hassle, no complicated modules, no themes. Just sharing things and commenting.
Now Facebook is cluttered with unreal amounts of bullshit. Mainly, I see it trying to be something like Twitter.

The "ticker" constantly updating me on who liked who's status and who just tagged someone in someone else's photos. Whoooopee.

Friends lists were fine, until they decided to make it even more complicated by adding "subscriptions" and sharing to certain lists etc.

News feeds are now the habitat of "Top Stories". What's a top story? It's something that FACEBOOK thinks you may find interesting. Facebook knows what is best for you. No. And the worst thing about them? The fact that they appear in the middle of your news feed, messing up the timeline of things. Posts going from 2 minutes ago all the way to say, 20 minutes ago, are now being divided up by "top stories" from 20 hours ago.

The privacy settings used to let you custom decide on who sees all different things, such as your wall posts, others posts on your wall, your friends, your details and pretty much everything else possible on Facebook.
Now when you enter Privacy Settings, you get three main options. Public, Friends, Custom.

When it comes to running a website, especially one so popular as Facebook, there's a certain point where you have to sit back and let it be. What happens when you keep changing things, causing bugs and errors, making things more complicated than they need to be and general winding up your users? Bebo happens.
Bebo died due to the amount of changes they continued to make, slowly ruining what they originally had. Then Facebook came along. Something simpler without all the hassle. Of course people would stray away.

This is going to happen to Facebook in time. I've already got a Google+ account and although it's still in beta, it's the a "better" version of old-school Facebook. A simple layout. Simple sharing. No clutter.
"Circles" are so much easier and more useful than "Friend Lists".

It speaks for itself. Unnecessary change will kill a website. If Facebook doesn't realise how much it's messing with it's users, soon enough, they'll be a distant memory, just like Bebo.
As for Google+? Well, I imagine it'll probably end up doing the exact same thing and have us all move on to a "yet to be created" network. Or maybe, just maybe, Google will have the initiative not to fuck this up.

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Sayonara, blog.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Shaking orgasm on webcam.

You all remember it.
Limewire. Circa 2008-2009.
You just heard a song on TV and said to yourself "Yeah! I have to download that!"
You open up Limewire and search, say, "Michael Jackson - Beat It".
Loading. Results formulating.
Oh look. It's found it already..
"Michael Jackson has shaking orgasm on webcam"
"Jackson Beat It does striptease for teacher"

Now what always confused me about this, was they'd come up for EVERY search you made.
But they were followed with (Sponsered Link).
I just want to Beat It, not view porn!
Wait. Scratch that.
Anyway. Rest in peace, Limewire. Knew ye' well, ye' big perv.
Getting pumped up for the 30th  of this month. Going to be seeing Angerfist live.
It's gonna' be one brutal night.
Anyway, this was just a filler post, because it was on my mind.
But... find attached a picture of two masked warriors.


Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I've said this many times now, mainly to my best friend.
We've discussed it ALOT when drunk, simply due to how much it pisses us off.
I'm stating now. DO NOT come to me for advice, unless you think I will help you.

Well, it seems 95% of the people I try and help are fucking morons who listen to advice then go and do the exact opposite. That enrages me more than anything. When I actually do my best to give help (Hell, I don't like doing things, I'm lazy) only to have it thrown back at me.
Others start depending on you for advice and advice only, like that's all you're there for.
Listen up, cumstain. I'm not your counsellor. If you want me to be your agony aunt or your shoulder to cry on, you can pay me an hourly rate. Or maybe a set price per session, since all you do is whine constantly. I could make a small fortune off your and air of self-importance and self-pity.

And last, but not lease, the fact that no matter which ignorant fuckhead I try and help, successful or not, there'll always be one more lined up. And if I can't help you with your problem or give you advice you want to hear, I'm the one who gets it in the ear. I'm the one who's useless. Who isn't a good enough friend.
Fuck. You. Go to your mum or dad, ask to borrow the car and drive yourself into the nearest tree.
Don't get me wrong here.

If I feel someone is genuine and really needs the help or I know that the help/advice they need is serious and not "MY GF/BF ISN'T TLKIN TO ME WEH", I'll devote my precious, precious time to you.
Also, if you're say, my best friend or a very close friend, you are exempt from most of this, because you people not only keep me from going insane, but keep me happy. So I will nearly ALWAYS have time for you.
But generally, I'm done with moronic people with the same IQ as the bacteria growing in my sinks plughole.
Got a problem? Think I'm "selfish"?
Please email:

("Hey. Hey Mika. I saw your blog and I was wondering you could help ME..." - You)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Big in Japan, tonight!

Konbanwa, blog!
Heh. Just typing that felt weeaboo as shit.
Lately I've been falling back into my love for Japanese music, predominantly visual kei and electro stuff.
I got pretty OCD lately aswell, and organised my music folder, alphabetically by artist and release date. Alongside that, I also gathered album art for every single album. Everything's so clean and tidy. This pleases me.

Anyway, asides from my rekindled love of all things azn and whatnot, life has been treating me relatively well.
There's been alot of ups and downs over the past month or so (see previous blog), but things are looking up I guess. All I need now is a job, a decent wage and fun things to spend it on. One can dream.

Yesterday I decided to take a trip to Pete's house (might be the first time I named him in this blog) and we ended up drinking until 4am or so, making very nasty jokes about things that would not be considered funny by anyone else. We also found a sign which we believe hints that there's a wild Venusaur in Belfast. We were prepared to hear the Pokébattle theme any second after reading this.

But yeah. We laughed for what must have been a good 15 minutes at this one sign. We also ended up stumbling around the streets screaming "DO A BARREL ROLL" because we saw a cat that I claimed was a Fox, which brought back memories of the Star Fox series.
Ah, I do love being drunk with Pete. There is no one else in this world that can have the level of ridiculous banter that we do.

So yeah. There we have it. Alot more has happened in the time I've been away from blogging, but there's some stuff I'm leaving out of blogs from now on, mainly because I end up having to delete it at a later date due to changes in events and what have you. Yes. Yes I just typed "and what have you". I'm posh as fuck. If you didn't know, there's about 10 blogs or so I've deleted in the past because after going back to them, they didn't represent my true feelings, or someone was asking for a "shoutout" and other crap. That ain't what this blog is about no mo'!
Anyway. I'm going to go and listen to Wreckless Media Radio (check it out if you like disturbing, obscure talk radio) and rest my weary eyes. Sayonara, blog.