Thursday, 27 October 2011

Kick in the teeth.

So, I went almost a year working one day a week for barely any money.
("Whine, whine. Third world countries and rabies and junglefolk!" - You)
I finally got a full-time job. 6 days, 30 hours a week.
If you're reading this, you're bound to know a little about me. You've either read things on my other posts or have talked to me on Facebook etc.

I. Am. Lazy.

30 hours a week does not go down well with me. At all.
Waking up, rushing about the house, having to dress "smart", buses, work, more buses.
By the time I'm home, I'm tired and want to curl up and sleep again.
And thus the cycle repeats.

This happens every single morning.

So hey. I have a job. Getting by as you do.
I'm offered work in a newly opening nightclub that has the potential to be the greatest nightclub in the city.
But the hours aren't enough to allow me to quit my other job. And this... this would be a dream to work in.
So... maybe work two jobs?
I seriously considered it. Hell, I even went to an induction and saw around the club. It looked FANTASTIC.
Unfortunately, I'd be trapping myself in an endless circle with absolutely no free time whatsoever.
Therefore, I reluctantly had to turn down this amazing offer.
Ain't that a kick in the teeth.

So, after a slight absence from blogging (I get lazy, as previously stated), I get to rant again.
I'm going to sleep now, before I start rambling again. Work in the morning! ...Joy.
Thank God I have Saturday with a certain someone to look forward to.
Until next time, when the skies above scream with winds blowing furiously,
Sayonara, blog.

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