Thursday, 24 November 2011

You gotta' fight.

Buenos dias, por favor.
Even though it's 1am. Technically still morning. RIGHT?

I haven't blogged in quite some time, so allow me to make up for it with...

Alright. Now that we're all friends again, let's get down to some blogging.

The next portion of the blog is a rant, readers beware;
Something that has really been irking me lately, and anyone with parents or a superior will know what I'm talking about, is being asked a question and being told not to "talk back"

When you have a genuine, legit reason for something not being done a certain way, you should be able to express this and explain yourself without it being considered "talking back" or "being cheeky". This severely pisses me off, especially when I'm almost 20.
I mean, really? REALLY? I open my mouth to reply and it's cheeky? Really?

Typing this rant makes me feel very childish, as it's one of those things that simply every teenager and child has put up with in life. Hell, I'm sure when we're all 30-Ancient we'll be doing the same thing to the younger generations. And I completely understand that in circumstances, it's best to stay silent and take on board whatever's being pointed out to you, as it may be a genuine mistake. HOWEVER, in the circumstances that you are aware of the situation and you have a legitimate reason for whatever it may be, I don't see how replying/explaining or "making excuses" is considered cheeky. Infact, those who instantly reply with "DON'T TALK BACK" are in my eyes, the cheeky ones.
And I for one, am not going to sit down and stay tight-lipped and quiet when questioned in such a way, because in the long run, when I explain myself and prove that I am in the right, it's not be left looking embarrassed.
This is something I feel everyone should stand by. No matter how much you're told to stay quiet, do the opposite. Make yourself heard.
This concludes the rant portion of this blog.

So I've been doing a little shopping lately and I've has a bunch of tattoo ideas. I've considered getting an Android Tablet, a new iPod, a new phone and all sorts of crap I don't need. Money is the root of all evil. Quickly followed by hoes.
But hey, I had a "bit" of spare cash on me and look what new toy I bought!
That's right. A beautiful Waffen SS replica dagger. Sharp as sharp can be!
Now I ain't no "neo-nazi" or other such bullshit, but I do have an obscene love for weaponry and taboo stuff. And what's more taboo than a replica of such a weapon!? An original! The best part is, I know exactly where to get my hands on such an object, but unfortunately it's slightly out of my price range at the moment. I'm pretty sure I heard it quoted as £200 or somewhere nearby. Maybe sometime in the future. Going to have to keep an eye out for different wee collectables like weapons, medals etc. I absolutely love that kind of stuff, and not just SS/German stuff. War memorabilia in general.


Alright. Final part of the blog. I know, any of you still reading are bored to death, but hell, someone brought up the blog to me earlier and I though I may as well do a nice long post since I probably won't be doing another one 'til maybe next month.

I've been thinking about alot of different "projects" that I'd be really psyched to start up.
One of which was mentioned in a previous blog, but no details were given on it. It would require a substantial amount of money pumped into it to get it running, but I do know someone who would be able to help me with it now, so that's a start. Unfortunately I'm still not confident enough to announce my plans publicly, simply because every time I do such a thing, it never happens.

Project two, I'm more partial to talking about, as it's nothing more than a "pipe dream". A fantasy, if you will.
I'd really like to save up a decent amount of money, and see how far across Europe I can travel on it.
Bizarre right? Hear me out.
The idea in my head so far is a flight into London or somewhere in England at a cheap price.
From there, a Eurostar ticket from England to France.
Spend a night or two in France, then pass on to Switzerland, Germany and finish up in the Netherlands.
I realise that this is ridiculous sounding, but in my head, it seems very possible.
The main area money would be sunk into would be travel and accommodation. I'm ridiculously good at surviving on junk/fast food and stuff, so that wouldn't be much of a hassle.
There are sites for couch surfing and the likes which would cut out a pile of accommodation hassle, although I'm sceptical on doing something like that in foreign countries, so I'd rather spend a night in a crappy, low-star hotel. Plus spending one or two nights in each city/country wouldn't be OVERLY expensive.
Travel cost is the main factor, as flights, buses and trains would all need to be planned to perfection.
The final destination would be Amsterdam, as... well, it's Amsterdam.
I'd love to be able to do this trip with a friend or two and vlog/film throughout it. It'd be a really amazing opportunity and I'm thinking in the next few years, I may try and put it into action.
Until then, I can keep dreaming.

This is the end of this wall-of-text, long, unfunny blog. If anyone read the whole way through, give me a shout.
I'll give you a shiny gold star!
Sayonara blog, and remember, #keepfighting!