Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas Run-up; Things I Hate #1

Greetings, blog!
I find it amusing to look at the backlog of my blogs and see how over time I became lazier and lazier, blogging less and less.
This is mainly due to working so much, it leaves me with little to really blog about.
So to make up for the lack of blogs, I plan on doing a daily rant until Christmas.
Starting today (4th December 2011) I will do a blog on something I hate every day, until Christmas Eve.
("Joy, we get to have our newsfeeds spammed with your blog." - You)

So without any more chit chat, let's get down to it!

Things I Hate #1 - 4th December 2011
Reading the words "Justin Bieber" on 90% of Youtube videos.
No, I did not just generically hate on Justin Bieber. I honestly don't have a problem with the kid. Hey, props to him. He's younger than me. He's got more money than I'll ever have in a life time. He's got a world of adoring fans. Hey. If he wanted, the kid could see more va-jingo than the worlds most famous gynaecologist. Okay, he'd end up in jail after it because the majority of his fans are like, 11. But you get the picture.

What I hate, and I mean HATEEEEEEE, is that every time I click on a Youtube video, I get some asshat posting "HURURRHURHUR X NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO DISLIKED DIS ARE BIEBER FANS", "This is real music, unlike Justin Bieber!", "JUSTIN BIEBER IS TEH GEIZ LAWL" and so on and so forth.
I am in the 1% of people who realise that hating on Justin Bieber is just giving him more media attention.
This Bieber hate then brings on the other side of the war.
"LEAVE JUSTIN ALONE", "JUSTIN IS DA GR8EST", "I HAS THE BIEBER FEVER XOXOXO" and so forth. It's like a fucking pandemic. They should give out those SARS masks things, with ballgags inside to shut people the hell up. Take away their keyboards. Leave the internet to those who don't act like they've been through a lobotomy.
In the name of Zeus, I even saw him mentioned on a picture of Jackie Chan. I can't even find any correlation! It's insane! Stop it for the love of the Old Ones!
It's not like the kid's that bad anyway. There's alot worse out there.

Alright. I'm done with this blog. Hopefully that will satisfy and enrage all of you readers out there.
Until tomorrow, Sayonara!

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