Monday, 5 December 2011

Updating everything; Things I Hate #2

Alright there, me hardy wee blog!
Day two and it seems I may actually be able to stick to this daily blog idea.

Today I've done nothing worth while. All I've done is manual labour, update my Vampirefreaks account and thrash about happily to the greatest Japanese band ever.
("Are you wearing makeup? Queer." - You)
Anyway, I'll stop plugging my social networking sites and get on to the daily blog!

Things I Hate #2 - 5th December 2011
Slow walking people in shopping centres and busy streets.

God forbid I ever snap on one of these people when I'm in a rush going to work or trying to catch a bus. Their remains would never be able to be identified. I swear to Odin.
Countless times have I been trying to reach a destination in a hurry and had people literally grinding to a slow and steady halt all around me. I'm almost positive that when people are out shopping or browsing the town, a portion of their brain switches off and they become furrrrr-icken zombies.
Well allow me to be the cure to your disease. I'll kindly put you out of your dim-witted misery.
Worse is when you force yourself to utter an "Excuse me" to said imbeciles, only to recieve a dirty look as they fumble to get out of your way. I'm sorry, is my ability to move at a normal speed bothering you? Let me just chop out a chunk of my noggin and become one of you.
And last, but not least. Groups of these... drones. Be it a family with prams and noisy, messy, uncoordinated sprogs or old people all linking arms (I don't have a clue why they do it, but they do and it pisses me off, get out of my way you decrepit old todgers), simple manners and awareness of those around you go right out the window.
Hell hath no fury compared to what I feel like unleashing in these situations.
I hope I'm not overreacting. I'm normally a  very patient and considerate person.
("Liar." - You)

So there you have it. Issue 2 of Things I Hate. I'll give you a fair warning now. These are only going to get more tedious and angsty.
So until tomorrow evening, sayonara blog!

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  1. This. This is what I hate along with the fact that I appear to be the only one in a busy city centre who moves out of the way. One day I want to just walk at my normal pace in town and not move out of anyone's way or slow down and see what happens.