Saturday, 31 December 2011

A year in one post.

Alot happened in 2011. Good things, bad things, things that made us laugh and cry. Things that made us shudder and fap... I mean, uh... whatever.

I've personally learnt things about myself this year that I will carry with me through 2012 and the years to come.
I'm sure everyone has. If you haven't, it's time to personally reflect on yourself. Without self-evaluation, there's no room for progression.
("Oh here he goes on one his long, rambling, 'deep' blogs." - You)
Some of the most amazing people I know, I met in 2011. Alongside some of the people I wouldn't help if they were hanging off a cliff. And that's the moral of the story. People should die.
I kid. Just a lot of them.

I see on Facebook that a large percentage of people are whining that they've nothing to do tonight, New Years Eve. I know I'm not doing anything. No parties, no crazy night. No hangover in the morning and blotted out memories.
Stop worrying. It's just another day of your life. You can go out tomorrow night. You can go out the night after that. You could party every friccccckin' day of the week, snort so much coke you wear away the lining of your nose and blow your brains out your ears. The only difference is that tonight, we change a 1 to a 2.

Just smile. You made it through another goddamn year.

So now that I've ranted about... whatever I just typed, now onto the New Years Resolutions. What utter balls. The start of a new year when people suddenly decide it's time to change something about themselves. Why change? Why try and be nicer to your brother or sister? What stopped you from doing so before? Sometimes there are things that you know need to change in your life, and that's fine. By all means, go ahead. But don't wait til the start of the New Year to make false promises to yourself and others, which you'll keep for about half a month.

So I have a New Years Resolution? No. I have a New Life Resolution. I decided this around Christmas time. And although I have many people doubting me and giving me "I'll believe it when I see it." quotes etc. I know deep inside myself that this is something I'm going to standby. I'm not happy with things I've done in 2011. I'm not happy waking up, not being able to remember periods of time. I'm not happy with having to consume alcohol to have a good time. So no more.
No more "quick ones" that turn into binges. No more "drinking because I'm stressed". No more "It's X day, lets get WASTED." It all seems so pointless.

Oh, and one last thing that's eating on my mind. If you're unhappy with my bitching, whining and constant updating of social networks and blogs... well, to put it simply, my dick ain't suckin' itself.

I hope you, the people who tell me how much you enjoy my blogs, you, who send me nice messages, you, who keep me sane online and through life, have a wonderful night tonight if you're doing anything.
And I hope you'll see that although this is a new year, nothing is going to change unless you make it do so.
Sayonara, blog.

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