Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Back in black.

I'm baaaaack!
After attempting to dye my hair a chocolatey dark brown, it turns out it was not to be, and instead, it went black. At first I dreaded at, seeing as it had been black for 3+ years. However, after an hour or two, I realised that I really did miss having dark hair and rejoiced!
And thankfully, it's non-permanent, so it'll wash out over time, meaning I don't have to worry too much about roots.
("Stupid goth." - You AND my girlfriend.)

I'm in "super serious mode x4" for this year. I've got alot planned already.
It's my best friends 20th in 8 days and mine in February. I now have my Rammstein ticket (thank you baby!) for February and my Black Veil Brides ticket for March. On top of these, I also need to buy my ticket to the Mick Foley Comedy Tour in March. He promised me a hug, and I refuse to let it go until I get it.
In other wrestling-related nerdy news, I've been tweeted by the following: Yoshi Tatsu, Mick Foley, Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler (three times) and won a calender for posting Dolph as my favourite superstar, which he replied to me with congratulations. #markgasms

Anyway, continuing on. This blog post is just going to be filled with recent going ons and thoughts, because I have a bit of time to kill and haven't updated in a while.

As you can tell from above, I'm totally hooked on Twitter now. It's such a great way to get news and just stalk people. Honestly. Oh, and one of my favourite Japanese bands' leader is following me. Who you ask?
Yoshiki from X-Japan! #japgasms
So if you want to follow me on Twitter ("We don't." - You), click hereee!
Also, I got a new Facebook account for several reasons, click here to reach it.

You know when you're sitting beside someone while they're doing something, and you think, "Hey, I need to entertain myself 'til they're done"?
Next time, dear girlfriend, do your makeup faster. Or I'll find more things to padlock.

Why I carry padlocks around with me is besides the point, by the way.

Alright, final topic of the blog. And it's about gaming. So if you don't like it, I'd pretend this is the end here.
Sayonara blog!
See? The end for you, especially made.

Anyway, I finally bought Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, because there's so much hype about the series.
I've never played a character who dies so much in my life. I mean Jesus Z. Christ. Tiny things such as jumping down to a platform and the game running him right off the edge. And by "off the edge", I mean into a huge waterfall, plunging him to his death.
I've had less deaths in Dark Souls (incidentally, possibly my favourite game of 2011, even though I only started fully enjoying it in 2012) and that's saying something. Stupid Hydras.
Another problem I suffered from with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, was the fact that on my first playing of the game, it didn't "install" or "update", therefore didn't load the trophies list. I got to Chapter 8 or 9 before switching off for a while. It updated when I turned it on again, and sure enough I can't get trophies on my play through due to this. I'd have to start an entirely new play through to start unlocking them. Pissed is not the word. I like my trophies, Naughty Dog. You cunts.
And finally, my last qualm with the game, is that up to the point I have gotten to, it's 85% "kill these waves of enemies" an 15% "climb/swing to the next wave of enemies."
I realise it's an old game, but the gameplay seems to lack something. I think it's "fun".
I'm not saying the game is without good points! The voice acting is incredible, the characters are likeable and the storyline seems rich. I just wish the gameplay was strong enough to make me want to proceed. I'm sure I'll play more in a new playthrough and start grabbing the trophies, but until I have the patience, Uncharted is going to remain just that. Uncharted.

I may make a side-blog (completely new URL) dedicated to reviewing new games I get. I'll ask about and see if anyone would be interested in it first though.

If you read all the way to here, I'm impressed and as I did with a previous blog, here's your GOLD STAR!
Sayonara blog! Until next time!