Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Catnip and stuff.

Greeting blog! It's another week and time for me to finally blog again.
I actually started posting on a separate blog run by yours truly, though the content is a lot more personal and self-orientated, so I don't plug it via Facebook etc.
However, I will link to it via this blog, because chances are if you're reading this, you're not a complete cuntlog.

So what's going on in my little world of catnip?
My quest to exercise more has begun. I've been doing at least an hours exercise a day, on top of weights, push ups etc. And I have found my love for swimming again.
I'm going to make swimming a weekly thing I think, because it really left me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

It's also been a whole six months since I started going out with my girlfriend, so that's got me all exctied and smitten. I won't bore you with my lovey-dovey emotions though. That's the last thing you want.
("The last thing we wanted was to be lured into reading any of this tripe." - You)

I've also started writing again! If you ever saw this blog when it first started, I had a separate page on the top that linked to short stories I wrote. Unfortunately for the past year or two, it's been impossible for me to translate anything in my head onto paper. Or OpenOffice, for that matter. Any time I tried, I either hit a writer's block or everything I wrote just wasn't how I wanted it to come across.
I came to the conclusion that the problem was in my head, I was visualising everything I wanted to write, and it was playing out more like a movie than a book. I could even picture the camera angles and effects.
Finally, after reading books by an amazing author, David Moody, I rediscovered my passion for literature and began to start writing in first person, as opposed to my old ways of writing in third.

Once I feel that I've hit a point in the short story I'm working on that I'd be happy to publicise, I'll post it on here somewhere, probably in a .pdf document.

What else do I have to cover? This last week or two haven't been filled with much, other than exercise and seeing friends.

I may have a job sooner rather than later? I should be hearing back from someone in the coming days, and if everything goes as planned, I'll be in full-time employment again!

Oh, and myself and my mother are moving house in the next few months. Meaning I'll have more money to myself as less will be going into housekeeping. Success! More on that when the time comes.

Alright, I'm really running dry on things to post, I never realised how dry my week was when it comes to "blog-worthy" items. So I'll leave you with one last message, that comes deep from the heart:
When the time comes, and all eyes are on you, don't just pickle onions. Rise above the fermentation and be one with the butter and the toast. Become soft and delicious, but remove your crust so as not to be tainted.

Sayonara blog.

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